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RolePlay Escort Amsterdam Service

Best Escort Catalina RolePlay Amsterdam

Hi, I want to give you the warmest welcome on the pages of, the official website of the best escort agency in Amsterdam.

My name is Daiana, and I’m the agency’s General Manager. I have several tasks in my job for the escort agency, and the main one is to make sure there are no problems between the girls and the clients, and that everything is always perfect. I select the best girls in our casting, I create extra unique services with them, able to give that “something more” that transforms normal sex into an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience. Today one of my new girls, the beautiful Catalina, contacted me, offering me a brand new service for all our customers.

I am always interested in these ideas, and I organized this meeting with the beautiful young Amsterdam escort babe.

Catalina wears a blue shirt, black jacket, black miniskirt, and high heels. She loves to show her legs, even during the winter, and I’m sure all customers love to watch and touch them.

I’m interested in Catalina’s proposal, so I don’t waste time and start the meeting.

“Hi, Catalina, nice to meet you. You are one of the fastest rising stars in our Amsterdam escort agency. I’m proud of you, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.”

Catalina Amsterdam Escort Roleplay
Catalina Amsterdam Escort Roleplay

“Thanks for taking some time for me, Daiana. I have a great idea for a new service, and I want to hear your opinion about it.”

“Tell me more, I’m listening.”

“I have noticed that some of my clients have bizarre sexual fantasies involving role-playing games. In this way, they can make sex less boring.”

“In what way boring? Is our sex boring?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Daiana. All the clients of our agency are delighted with our work; however, several people have told me that they are looking for strong emotions and something really very special. For them, regular sex is not enough to have what they want. “

Catalina Roleplay Escort Girl
Catalina Roleplay Escort Girl

“And what do these customers want?”

“They want to push the limits and have an Amsterdam escort girl who can satisfy all their requests to create a hot and absolutely unforgettable situation.”

“I understand. Our extra services are designed specifically for this purpose.”

“Exactly. I thought of creating a new extra service, called Role Play Amsterdam escort service, where customers can finally create their role-playing games and finally realize all their wildest fantasies.”

“Excellent idea, Catalina. Explain to me better what these role-playing games are.”

Role Play Escort Amsterdam

“Role-playing is that situation where my client and I are playing characters and creating exceptional situations. I give you an example: the classic scenario of the boss and the secretary bitch who becomes his lover. Or the doctor and the nurse, or the master and the slave. The client and I play these characters to do something really hot and interesting. I have a lot of requests for the Role Play Amsterdam escort service, and I thought it can be a great extra service for all the other escort babes of our Amsterdam escort agency. It’s almost like being a porn actress in a porn movie. Today I’m a stepmom, tomorrow I will be a nurse, and so on.”

“Excellent idea, Catalina. What kind of requests did you receive?”

Roleplay Catalina Best Babe
Roleplay Catalina Best Babe

“A great many. Most of my requests concern the world of BDSM. The severe and unyielding mistress, or the submissive slave. Foot fetish cannot be missing. You cannot imagine how many people are interested in licking my beautiful feet.” says Catalina, showing me her lovely feet.

“You can’t resist your charm, Catalina,” I say, touching her feet.

“The requests I receive are all job opportunities, and I really like the Role Play Amsterdam escort service because it allows me to play very different roles and to have a lot more fun.”

“Do you also have clothes suitable for the Role Play Amsterdam escort service?”

“Yes, I bought some very sexy leather clothes, and I also have a small collection of clothes that I can wear for the most classic games, such as pretending to be a maid or a student. If the customer wants something more specific, you can accompany me to buy a dress for the Amsterdam Role Play escort service, or you can bring it to your hotel room. “

“Very well. There are so many types of games that can be played with customers. Do you have particular limits that you don’t want to overcome?”

“I don’t like pain. A light BDSM is Ok, but I don’t want to go further. This is my limit, but it is not necessarily the limit of the other girls in the agency. I suggest asking the client what he wants to do and based on the answer to understanding which is the girl more suitable for his requests. I can tell you that I had some bizarre requests. “

“What kind of requests?”

“Stand still while having sex, or pretend the client is my father. They are just role-playing games, but in many cases, they are strange.”

“Well, you absolutely can’t say that the sex of the Role Play Amsterdam escort service is boring, can you?”

“No, Daiana, absolutely,” says Catalina, laughing.

“The most important thing is to keep control of the situation. These games are interesting, but it is very easy to go overboard and turn a pleasant Role Play Amsterdam escort service into something very unpleasant. I trust your ability to handle the situation, Catalina.”

“Don’t be afraid, Daiana. I can take care of the situation, and I can promise you that nothing will happen that hasn’t been planned during the Role Play Amsterdam escort service.”

“Very well, Catalina, you have just created a new escort extra service.”

If you have special requests for your sex, do not hesitate to tell us, Catalina and the other escort girls of are here to realize them!

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