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Oral Sex

Oral sex is a sexual service in which the escort girl usually gets involved in stimulating the client’s genitals with the help of the mouth, in particular, with the help of the lips and tongue, and sometimes using the teeth to stimulate certain sensations.
Many clients prefer the oral sex – or blow job – bj service, probably because it is the most comfortable situation in which you can follow an escort to work with the satisfaction of an ejaculation.

Oral sex for men

When an escort girl makes a sex storm with a client, she will always use her mouth and tongue to stimulate his genitals, the balls, and the penis in this case.
Quality oral sex requires that the escort girl mainly has a wet and warm mouth at the same time as she sucks and licks his penis and sometimes his foreskin and balls, for more diversified pleasure.

Oral sex for women

It is a certainty that men love to be given oral sex, but most of them love to give oral sex to a woman.
The oral sex that is performed by a client to an escort girl is usually the licking of the clitoris or the sucking of the vulva and the lips of the pussy.
When a man wants to give oral sex to a woman, this is also called cunnilingus.
The oral sexual fantasy that a client offers to a female escort is called cunnilingus, stimulating sensations mainly with the help of the tongue on the vulva or vagina, licking and sucking the parts that make up the pussy.

Group oral sex

There is also group oral sex, where an escort girl can practice this service for several men at the same time.
Group oral sex service is possible by booking an escort girl to offer blowjobs to several clients at the same time.
You can book a group oral sex service by requesting the Divas escort agency, a gangsuch, blowbang, or a lineup session.

First-time oral sex?

You have no reason to feel frustrated if you have never tried cunnilingus, and if now is the first time you want to try diving into the wet world of an excited pussy, we assure you that you will do great.
All men start somewhere, and that something is down there in the wet pussy, so don’t panic and be natural, because if you’ve already kissed a woman and you liked it, you’ll find out that there’s not much difference between a french kissing and a cunnilingus.

Cunnilingus for the first time

If you chose now to be the first time you go down there to be the main engine that makes a pussy wet, here you can find out what you should do to make it right and exciting for both of you.
If you chose now to be the first time you go down there to be the main engine that makes a pussy wet, here you can find out what you should do to make it right and exciting for both of you.
Go ahead and read on to learn all about engaging in the art of giving the best oral sex, and as a bonus comes to the fun and pleasure of being that perfect man in the perfect pussy.

What is oral sex called?

The oral sex service can be performed by both the client and the escort girl at the same time when using the position we all know is called sixty-nine.
We are already convinced that you have heard and used several terms to describe oral sex, namely;

  • blowing
  • BJ
  • blowjob
  • deepthroat
  • irrumation
  • pussy eating
  • cunnilingus
  • eating out
  • fellatio
  • carpet munching
  • lip service
  • muff diving
  • mustache laughs
  • sixty-nine

The chosen terms and slang words that each customer chooses to use can be confusing at times, mainly because their meanings are not always known by the whole world.
If we are to think about it, “pussy eating” you have no way of imagining that you can eat a pussy, and it does not involve chewing the clitoris of the vulva or the lips of the pussy.
I have come across cases where people considered certain slang words to be offensive, but for others, their use activates perversity.
That’s why we call it “oral sex” or “bj”, but our customers can call it as they wish.
We already know that the use of certain terms activates the pleasure in expression, also because each client enjoys different fantasies.

What is the best way to do oral sex?

Valentina oral sex bj in AmsterdamAs with the terms, each client is different and therefore chooses the limits and what he likes or doesn’t like, before the escort girl gets down to business.
Each fantasy of oral sex needs to be explored by each individual client until he gets an idea of what he likes and what he doesn’t.
With a little involvement and creativity on the part of the escort girl, but also with correct communication and honest guidance on the part of the client, you can achieve perfect oral sex.

Choose a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and spend a few hours with a sexual service in the company of a gorgeous giver who will help you reduce the disadvantages between a paid romantic service and a romantic relationship.

How to the best oral sex can be done?

The best oral sex can therefore be obtained when you are willing to try several positions but also to communicate with the escort girl what she likes and what she doesn’t.
Physical pleasure can certainly be offered when an escort girl gives you oral sex, and most of the time this sexual pleasure can end with an oral completion.

Is it oral sex “real sex” or a making love prelude?

The most conservative people would say that oral sex should be intimate and should be done by close partners who have long relationships.
Open-minded people consider that oral sex is not as intense or as intimate as sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration.
Regardless of opinions, each client can choose satisfaction through an oral sex escort service with the completion or continue with a vaginal completion.
The most important aspect is everyone’s mental state regardless of what opinion or decision they share in order to feel as comfortable as possible.

Every vulva and every penis is different

Each person is different from another person, and so is your anatomy
There are pussies and dicks of all sizes or shapes, thicknesses, or depths, each has its own size, so stop stressing about this issue.
Think of a pussy as a ripe, juicy, and juicy peach waiting to be devoured.
And the penis looks like a ripe yet hard banana, full of sweetness that is about to come out.

Oral sex requires you to keep your mouth, dick, pussy fresh

In order for oral sex to be grade 10, in both cases, both the escort girl and the client must take an energetic shower.
It would be preferable to take a refreshing bath, and to use soap and water to wash the genital areas, but to wash the mouth and sweating areas well.

Every pussy and penis has a specific taste

Oral sex escort Babe Martyna AmsterdamFrom our statistics and more, we know for sure that no one has so far managed to modify the DNA to generate an aroma and genital juice that tastes sweet, like fresh strawberries with whipped cream.
However, each person develops a certain pattern of taste and aroma, which is ok, as long as health and hygiene are within normal parameters.
A very important aspect is the fact that each flavor you eat can also develop a specific taste down there.
Remember that onions, garlic, cabbage, or sauerkraut in particular can change the taste and aroma of the juice and sperm that the genital organs eliminate during the act of oral sex.
There is also the flip side of the coin when you consume certain foods, namely, when you consume papaya, cinnamon, pineapple, celery, strawberries or nutmeg, the juice that the genital organs eliminate can be sweetened to make it taste and smell pleasant.

Why our escorts offer the best oral sex

Married or single, if you have an active sex life you already know that one of the strongest desires that tempt you when you get hot is oral sex.
Our clients love to be given a big blow job, especially for the feeling of well-being it offers.
When an escort girl gives a quality blowjob to a client, he experiences sexual pleasure while relaxing, and admires the picture of a shining goddess in action, completely undressed in front of him.

The sexiest Erotic Massage is offered by the most professional escorts through incredible sexual massage sessions, body to body and happy ending using the most sensual and erotic techniques.

That live “porn movie” in which the client’s penis easily enters the escort girl’s mouth while he is assaulted by the unique sensations, is far above any handjob job or even penetration sex most of the time.
Just imagine that; the wet and warm mouth of a gorgeous young lady, which offers the same sensations as a vagina, plus lips and tongue come to complete this work of sexual art that nothing can reproduce.

Our expert escorts are enthusiastic when sucking cock

Probably the biggest secret when an escort girl sucks dick is that when she sucks dick she gets involved and she does it enthusiastically.
Grade 10 oral sex, involves movements of the head, mouth, lips, and tongue done with pleasure, and this is the first rule that our escort girls apply.
If you choose to go to a prostitute and pay her to give you a blowjob, she will do it because you paid a small amount of money and she does it thinking that she needs to shake you as soon as possible.
A prostitute on the street will suck your dick against time because here it’s about quantity, not about quality.
So the first rule for the best blowjob is attitude.
It’s for nothing that the escort girl has an exemplary attitude if the client is stressed and agitated.
So remember that the first ingredient you can bring to your bedroom BJ party is a good attitude.

Your attitude means a lot

Establish eye contact with a warm smile.
Don’t keep staring at her mouth, so as not to make her feel embarrassed.
Look at her with admiring eyes and show proof of a gentleman’s education.
You can even tell her how excited you are, how well she will suck your cock, and how much you appreciate that this is happening with such a beautiful girl.
Use expressions to express feedback;

  • How much I like to feel my dick in your mouth.
  • I really like your warm and wet mouth.
  • God, I love how you use your tongue on my bitch.
  • Your mouth is so soft, and the way you suck my dick turns me on so much.

Feedback is very important during the act of oral sex because the escort girl knows if she is on the right track to give you the best experience.

Spitting saliva on the dick

Lulu escort amsterdam oral sexThere are clients who love to go to the next level of “perversity” during oral sex and love it when the escort spits on their dick.
Spitting on the dick brings a percentage of pleasure, but practically this means that the pleasure is greater when the dick is wet during the genital massage.
When an escort spits on the client’s dick, the image can be really sexy, and she will be able to do this subtly, whenever she feels that the client’s penis is dry.
However, you can consider placing a glass of water at hand so that the female escort can moisten her mouth and throat whenever she feels the need.

The secret of the soft, moist, warm and playful tongue

Every time an escort girl gives a client a blowjob, she makes sure that her tongue is soft, wet, warm, and playful in order to succeed in working wonders on the client’s entire penis.
All our escorts know from experience that the penis is full of nerve endings, and once the work is started it is a matter of little time to make the client go crazy with pleasure.

Lubrication on the dick for a pleasant bj

The use of lubricants is very important because the pleasure is 100% without the risk of uncomfortable friction.
Certainly, a wet and warm mouth is a must-have for oral sex, and saliva is the main component for maximum pleasure.
However, when the pleasure is so great and for a longer period, there are situations when the saliva starts to run out.
In this case, it is very good to be prepared with a lubricant to avoid an unwanted situation, because a dry mouth is not pleasant for anyone.
So using a lubricant to increase humidity will definitely help increase pleasure.
There are a lot of products that can help lubricate the mouth, whether the escort girl appreciates coconut oil or maybe an oral lubricant, using it will guarantee a blowjob with an oral sexual explosion.

Using hot cold for unique sensations in oral sex

If you are a fan of sensations, a very good idea is to use some ice cubes.
You’ve probably tried this before, but if you’re a conservative customer, we invite you to try non-conformist oral sex, which can be extremely exciting.
Even if this method may sound unconventional and out of your comfort zone, we guarantee that a mouth filled with a few crushed ice cubes will give you a sensation of pleasure combined with tingling.
Don’t say no before because the combination of hot and cold in oral sex, comes with a contrast between the heat of the escort girl’s mouth and the cold ice that can be refreshing and exciting.
With your permission, the escort girl can play with some ice cubes, while she will suck your dick alternately with an ice cube.
Another good part of this option is that the escort girl will always have a wet mouth, and this will only bring you pleasure, have faith and try it, it’s very pleasant.

Consider using condoms for protection

oral sexYes, we know, most clients want a bj without a condom.
Even if no one thinks about using a condom, when booking an escort girl for a hookup, you know that the condom is the only one that protects against sexually transmitted diseases, even in the case of a bj.
Any sexual service you want to practice with an escort girl is safe when you use a condom.
Our advice is not to insist on experiencing a sexual service without a condom because protection against sexually transmitted diseases is very important for both the client and the escort girl.
Condoms are no longer as uncomfortable as in the past and it is good that there are also condoms that contain an aromatic lubricant, they make a sexual experience with an escort girl much more pleasant but also safer.

Location Where The Oral Sex Escort Service Can Be Possible

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