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Madalina Diva escort girl in Amsterdam

Escort Amsterdam Madalina

Madalina, the escort without limits! “I don’t have limits, come with me and have fun together!.”
She has no limits, she has only one mission: to make you happy and give you the best sex possible to make every moment you spend with her special. Her name is Madalina, and she is your new hot escort girl Amsterdam, the girl you will never be able to forget, and that will drive you crazy.
Madalina is perfect for any type of service, and her skills can make her the ideal partner for any kind of sex, even for fetish sex or for BDSM (Madalina offers an exciting and truly unlimited BDSM Amsterdam escort service ). Don’t be afraid to express your preferences, because Madalina is used to every kind of request, and this hot escort girl Amsterdam is always ready to try something new for her customers.
If you are looking for a girl who can really satisfy you in everything you ask, then you can stop looking, because Madalina is the perfect girl for you. She loves sex, she offers a series of extra-amazing services and, more importantly, Madalina never says no.
Don’t waste any more time, contact her immediately to book a meeting!


Before having sex, it is advisable to get to know Madalina with a beautiful Dinner Date, the service that will allow you to spend a wonderful evening at dinner with this hot Amsterdam escort babe in a famous Amsterdam restaurant. At the moment, the trendiest restaurant in Amsterdam is definitely the “Blue Pepper,” and we recommend that you immediately book the best restaurant table and then choose this service with the beautiful Madalina.
This girl is a perfect partner for any escort dinner service, she always knows what to wear to get you aroused, and you will discover that dinner can be really very erotic.
Don’t waste time, Madalina is hungry!


Visit Amsterdam with Madalina whenever you want, thanks to the Amsterdam City Tour. Choose the best location to visit with this girl, such as the Heineken Experience Museum, the museum of beer history. Madalina loves every place in Amsterdam and is always happy to be with you. The girl is also available for business trips and vacations. Give Madalina the right notice, and she will also follow you around the Netherlands!


If you can’t resist the urge to have sex with Madalina, then don’t miss the chance to have sex with this hot Amsterdam escort babe, thanks to Hotel Service! Select your hotel (for example, the NH City Center Amsterdam), and then contact Madalina to have sex with you! You can wear high heels, sandals, lingerie, stockings, underwear of any kind, and everything you want! Customize your sess with all the extra Madalina services, like the lap dancing Amsterdam escort service! Madalina will dance sensually just for you before having sex!
Madalina only has sex with condoms, and she loves education and respect.



11 reviews for “Madalina

Overall Rating: 4.9
    Madalina te best of the best

    By: Kamel | 1 year ago

    I notice that I am the first to review this wonderful girl. Madalina is extraordinary; I have no words to express how good you can feel in her company. Whatever I say about her, I think there would be little; probably every man would feel differently but extraordinarily good. Madalina is the best of the best!

    Top one girl!

    By: Osam | 10 months ago

    I spent three hours in the company of this extraordinary girl, Madalina. I usually don’t write reviews, but the experience with her is one of the tops, and it would not be right not to do this favor, especially since she is one of the few escort girls I ever was with, who did everything she could to make me feel great. Thank you, darling!

    I love you Madalina!!!!

    By: Tonny R | 9 months ago

    I called, hoping that I would talk directly to the escort, but the agency answered and told me that I could make a telephone reservation. Initially, I was skeptical, but I booked a meeting with Madalina in my hotel room for 3 hours, but we finally had a more extended session, and she stayed until morning :). The choice was the best I could make, and I say that because Madalina is a perfect woman and a dream escort exactly as Daiana, the agency operator, described to me by phone. Madalina came smiling as if we had known each other for a lifetime, and this made me quickly get into the same mood with her. She promptly woke me up with every fantasy and desire and made me feel so excited that I wanted her every second where she was next to me! I am a man who loves women who dominate me, and I am confident in them. Madalina is a powerful woman who knows how to pull off hidden desires, provoke you, and seduce you to exhaustion. Madalina is now at the top of my list as the best escort I have spent hot moments with, and I will look for her on my next visit to Amsterdam. I hope soon! I love you, Madalina!

    A good service with Madalina!

    By: Giuseppe P | 8 months ago

    Yesterday I met with the delightful Madalina, and she is a great woman, a very pretty young blonde lady, I can say that she is better than her photos. Madalina and I had a magical time spent together, and she made me forget the last negative escort experience meeting in Amsterdam with the previous girl I booked from another escort agency the last month. Thank you for this experience, my darling!

    She is nice

    By: Hamid | 8 months ago

    She was good, but she asked me for another 200e plus for anal sex, and I think she is expensive!

    I am inloved :)

    By: Massimo | 7 months ago

    Best meeting with beautiful Madalina even I am a young man, and I know I have not much experience. I always dreamed of a hot encounter, and now my wishes have come true in this meeting with the most wonderful blonde girl Madalina. She is very hot and sexy girl escort and the sex with her it is more than you can imagine, especially if you dose well certain hallucinogenic substances :))) which my beloved Amsterdam allows :)))
    This meeting was a hot dream, and I can’t wait to feel it again! Hundreds of kisses, Madalina!

    Excellent service!

    By: Garcia L | 7 months ago

    An excellent escort service, I felt unique in the company of Madalina for an hour. I will be coming back for a new experience! Thank you!

    Great experience!

    By: Sandro | 6 months ago

    I had a meeting with her last night. She had excellent skills, and she smiles all the time, which makes me fill so comfortable with her. Gorgeous and very kind girl! Thank you!


    By: Eduard | 5 months ago

    I discovered Madalina at the same time when I first visited the amazing city of Amsterdam, Since that, every time I come to the city for business or fun I make sure to reserve a few hours with her. She is probably the best escort in Amsterdam, at least for me, and one of the best in Europe. She is a very very nice and polite girl. She looks amazing, perfect ass, and perfect boobs, every meeting with her feels like a dream. She is very active in bed and she always helped me to have a great time. She is also very smart, a met few girls that are as intelligent as her. Overall you can start to understand why I appreciate her services so much. My preferred one is the GFE. She fits perfectly in the role of a crazy and naught lover and that drives me nuts. If you ever get to Amsterdam make sure to book a few hours with Madalina.

    Madalina the enchanting babe!

    By: Plamen H. | 4 months ago

    Hey Guys I am Plamen.
    If I have to describe Madalina in one word, she is: Phenomenal!
    I find myself at a loss for words when trying to describe the enchanting Madalina.
    Her allure needs to be experienced first-hand, savored in its full, captivating glory.
    I have spent countless hours in search of the perfect woman, and Madalina truly embodies every attribute I sought.
    She radiates an irresistible charm, an intoxicating blend of a sculpted, sensual physique, and an animated, engaging personality that is both enchanting and disarming.
    Every moment with her was a mesmerizing performance, a dance of seduction and pleasure that transcended any previous encounters I’d had.
    She maintained an aura of sophistication and elegance, a high-class woman who expertly navigated our passionate exploration until the very last second of our meeting.
    Her photographs, while alluring, cannot fully capture her real-life magnetism.
    When standing before her, her beauty becomes even more pronounced, her presence even more electrifying.
    Her face, was ethereal and alluring, her eyes, bewitching pools of mystery that I found myself willingly lost in, and her smile, which has the power to ignite a room, were all even more beautiful in person.
    There’s an ineffable quality to Madalina, an intangible allure that keeps drawing me back.
    I’m eagerly anticipating our next meeting, an opportunity to once again dive into the depths of this extraordinary woman.
    Thank you, Madalina, for the memories that I continue to cherish.
    Until next time!


    By: Julius | 4 months ago

    As a regular visitor to Amsterdam, I’ve found a striking gem amidst my hectic schedule – Madalina, an exquisite escort from the Divas agency.
    Effortlessly arranging an appointment, I was instantly struck by her timely arrival and vivacious energy that got me hot.
    Madalina is more than just an enchanting beauty, her escort skills extend far beyond that.
    She offers an unparalleled ‘Girlfriend Experience’, blending intimacy with authenticity.
    This isn’t a scripted encounter; it’s an immersive experience filled with genuine passion and connection.
    Her zeal for her craft is evident, ensuring each moment spent with her is filled with excitement.
    I will definitely try other escorts, but I return to Amsterdam, I can’t help but anticipate the pleasure of Madalina’s sublime company again.
    An exceptional experience that simply can’t be overlooked!
    Thank you Madalina for every second spent with you!