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Amsterdam Escort Services

Amsterdam escort services

Here at Divas Escort Amsterdam, we have escort girls perfectly capable of satisfying every wish of all customers, even the strangest and hottest ones. In this article, you will discover some of our most extreme and transgressive services, like the deep-throat Amsterdam escort service or the like-in-mouth Amsterdam escort service.

Sex is a very diverse world, with thousands of games that can be made to reach pleasure and satisfy every fantasy (you can also prefer a submissive Amsterdam escort service compared to a dominant woman) and achieve things that would otherwise only be seen in porn films by Ron Jeremy.

Here is a small guide to the hottest services of our Amsterdam escort girls.

One important thing: these services are exceptional (such as the Strapon Amsterdam escort service), so before asking the girl to, make sure she is willing. Not all girls have the same open mind and are eager to do everything. Our advice is to talk to the staff and ask for information on which girl offers that particular Amsterdam escort girls service, and then prepare to pay for the extra service.

Are you ready to start your journey with the hottest services of our Amsterdam escort girls?

Deep Throat Amsterdam escort service!

Deep Troath Amsterdam escort service

Our girls have a deep and perfect throat for a deep-throat Amsterdam escort service! Imagine pushing all your big dick inside the girl’s mouth, reaching the bottom of her throat! It is an incredible feeling that only our girls can give to all our customers. Try the Deep Troath Amsterdam escort service with your next girlfriend, and you won’t be able to live without it!

Come in mouth Amsterdam escort service!

The most beautiful thing about sex is, without a doubt, the final cumshot. Our Amsterdam escort girls love the taste of cum, and I’m looking forward to drinking all your hot cum, and she is determined not to waste any drop of it.

Come in mouth Amsterdam escort service

If you’ve always dreamed of cum in the mouth of a lovely escort after a wild night of sex, then our come-in-mouth Amsterdam escort service will drive you crazy.

And you can also choose another thing in our come-in-mouth Amsterdam escort service: the girl can swallow all your sperm, or she can spit it out and use it to make many exciting games while you relax and get ready for the next round of fucking.

Choose the come-in-mouth Amsterdam escort service, and your cumshot will always be perfect.

Come on, body Amsterdam escort service!

Don’t you want to shoot all your cum in the mouth of your favorite Amsterdam escort girl?

Come on body Amsterdam escort service

No problem; every girl’s body is always ready to welcome a scorching shower of sperm, thanks to the Come On Body¬†Amsterdam escort service.

Choose the part of the body you prefer to cum on (face, breast, belly, back, ass, feet), and reach orgasm with the best sex in the world thanks to one of our top-class Amsterdam escort girls, and then shoot all your hot cum on the girl and demonstrates who the dominant male is!

The girl can spread your hot cum on her body and play with it to make you horny again, so our advice is to choose the come-on-body Amsterdam escort service for your sex; it’s the best climax possible.

Facesitting Amsterdam escort service!

Facesitting Amsterdam escort service

Are you looking for an exhilarating domination experience? The Facesitting Amsterdam escort service is what you are looking for! In this service, you can do face sitting with your beautiful escort girl and sit with your cock and ass on her face, making them lick everything: anus, testicles, and cock. You will be above her, dominating the situation, and only you can decide when to stop.

If, instead, you want to try for once the thrill of being dominated, then the girl can do the facesitting Amsterdam escort service, and she will put her shaved pussy on your face, allowing you to lick it all as long as you want. You can also play with her and also lick that one.

Experience the Amsterdam escort service facesitting; it will be an emotion you will never forget!

Foot fetish Amsterdam escort service!

Foot fetish Amsterdam escort service

Feet is one of the sexiest parts of our Amsterdam lovely escort girls, and if you’re a foot fetishist, you’ll find your Nirvana with our sweet foot fetish Amsterdam escort service. You will be able to kiss, lick, and suck the feet of our hot chicks as long as you want, and our girls will wear their highest and sensual heels for you.

The footjob with or without heels is included in the Amsterdam escort service foot fetish, and you can do your hot cumshot on your feet and shoes.

Do you like the idea of cum inside your escort babe’s shoes and then go to the restaurant with her? The idea of sperm in the shoes in contact with the feet is fascinating. You can fulfill this dream with our foot fetish Amsterdam escort service.

Strapon Amsterdam escort service!

Strapon Amsterdam escort service

Did you know that prostate stimulation is phenomenal for having incredibly powerful orgasms? If you want extreme transgression, try our Strapon Amsterdam escort service!

The strapon is a sex toy our escort wears with a belt and becomes a real dick! You can try prostate stimulation with a very long strapon and reach an orgasm you will never experience again!

The strapon is also perfect for lesbian escorts or threesomes who want to be incredibly transgressive.

Don’t be afraid; try our Strapon Amsterdam escort service, and finally, try prostate orgasm! You will not regret it!

Watersports Amsterdam escort service!

Watersports Amsterdam escort service

Have you ever experienced the thrill of getting excited with urine?

There is not only the golden shower, but our Watersports Amsterdam escort service will open the doors to many games you can do with your urine, like having sex just before urinating or watching as a peeping Tom your escort going to the bathroom and masturbating, watching the show!

Don’t be afraid to break a taboo and choose the Watersports Amsterdam escort service to create a genuinely transgressive and unforgettable moment!

Anal sex Amsterdam escort service!

Anal sex Amsterdam escort service

Do we have to describe anal sex? One of the most beautiful things about sex and if you’ve never tried it, you must immediately do it with one of our Amsterdam escort babes. Choose the one you want; your lovely ass is ready to take your dick thanks to our anal sex Amsterdam escort service!

Hardsports Amsterdam escort service!

If you thought the Watersports Amsterdam escort service was extreme, get ready to overcome the limit! Our hardsports Amsterdam escort service will let you vent all your wildest instincts with one of our hot babes.

You can do everything you want in the bathroom of your suite in a hotel in Amsterdam and play with your body fluids, feces, and everything you want!

Our girls have no limits, and if you are looking for the perfect partner for your Hardsports Amsterdam escort service, you have found what you were looking for. Get ready because our girls are much more perverse than you think, and they are prepared to do anything to give you maximum pleasure!

Sex Toys Amsterdam escort service!

Sex toys Amsterdam escort service

Our girls have a massive collection of sex toys that can be used in various ways. Hire two hot Amsterdam escort ladies. You can see them playing with so many dildos, or you can insert the vibrator into the pussy of the Amsterdam escort you have chosen or simulate double penetrations.

If you are genuinely perverted, you can let a sex toy penetrate you or use it in genuinely indescribable ways, but our escort babes love it. You have great freedom of choice in our sex toys Amsterdam escort service, and the only thing you have to do is choose the girl, indicate which sex you want to use, and choose your hotel suite. The girl will immediately know what to do to make you happy!

Submissive Amsterdam escort service!

Are you looking for the ultimate domination experience? We have an exemplary service for you, the submissive Amsterdam escort service, which will allow you to dominate an escort all night long.

Do you want to be an evil and sadistic master? A strict but proper master? A dominator who wants to satisfy his most secret desires? A BDSM enthusiast?

There are no limits to what you can do (as long as they are not physical abuses) in our submissive Amsterdam escort service. Unleash the master in you, and from all the orders you want to your escort girl, she will obey everything like a faithful dog.

She was squirting Amsterdam escort service!

Squirting Amsterdam escort service

Squirt is the climax of a woman’s orgasm, and it’s very exciting! If you want to see the biggest squirt of your life, select our Squirting Amsterdam escort service, and our girl will produce the biggest squirt jet in history!

Here are some of the hottest escort services you can have with our escort girls. Choose the ones you want, and you will never regret it!