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My name is Sybil, and I am a girl who has been working as a professional escort in Amsterdam for many years. I wasn’t born in Amsterdam, but when I visited the city for the first time, I immediately realized that this place would become “my” place, where I can feel at home and do what I want.

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Sybil Amsterdam escort

What attracted me to Amsterdam?

Well, it’s a question that is easy to answer. If you want the most tedious and trivial answer, I could tell you that I love the city’s atmosphere, art, and history. A more sincere answer is that Amsterdam is a very tolerant city, where those who use drugs or want to have paid sex can do it without problems and without being judged by anyone.

But the honest answer is another, rooted in my adolescence.

I have always been a very outgoing and easy-going girl who loved to live life and try new experiences. Life is short; just an instant and we die, and none of us has the certainty of reaching tomorrow, so we live. We have the duty and the right to maximize pleasure in every circumstance.

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I don’t want to die with regrets, thinking that that day, I could have sex with that handsome boy or smoke that weed. And I want to do everything I can to get maximum pleasure daily.

There was a big problem, though. I lived in the countryside, in a small town, the most peaceful place in the world, where everyone knew everything about everyone and had no secrets.

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Yes, it is the worst place for a girl with my lifestyle.

I hated living in that place, and when I kissed two boys the same day, that news became a national scandal. My mother could not understand her mistake in my education, and my father looked at me with hatred. I tried to spend as little time as possible at home and never talked to my parents unless it was essential.

But that situation could not last forever, and when I went to Amsterdam on a school trip, I understood my place in the world.

Everything I saw generated questions.

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Can you buy sex toys?

There are places where you can buy weed?

You can smoke weed without problems?

The Red Light District?

It was awesome.

What impressed me most was the red light district, with all those beautiful girls in the windows. I was attracted to them (I’m not a lesbian; I was just curious) and their lifestyle, and I tried to have a minute to talk to them.

I had to understand some things.

I finally talked to one of the girls and asked the most critical question that would forever change my life.

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“Is this your job? Are you having sex and getting paid?”

The girl told me that doing escort in Amsterdam was considered a regular job at an Amsterdam escort service agency and that she earned by having sex every day (except when she was menstruating) with different men.

Earnings were never fixed; everything depended on how many customers you attracted daily, and the competition was so much. Every girl had to be beautiful, seductive, and ready to have sex even on the most negative days (we are all human; we all have days where we don’t want to do things) or with ugly, old, or rude men. Feeling pleasure even in those situations distinguished the professional from the amateur.

The girl then told me she was a simple sex worker and that the real big money was in the hot Amsterdam escort girls sector. She wasn’t pretty enough to be a top-class Amsterdam escort girl, but according to her opinion, I could make a lot of money.

The girl greeted me, advising me to try that career and to see what happened.

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Those words remained in my mind all day, week, and the following month.

I loved sex and money; making money by having sex was perfect for me. I never thought about becoming a porn star but being an escort would have been great.

I had found my career.

I finished school and immediately went to Amsterdam, where I had already contacted escort agencies, sending my best photos.

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My audition was a success, and I started my escort career.

I have never returned home because now this is my home, and I have nothing that binds me to where I was born, not even my parents. A parent does not try to suffocate the child’s instincts to make him live a monotonous life, and therefore, I had no obligation to my parents.

I lived for a few months in a colleague’s apartment to earn the money I needed to rent an apartment, and now I live in a beautiful house and make lots of money, the money I could never have imagined to have if I had lived in the countryside like my own parents.

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Am I happy with my life?

Yes, this is what I wanted to do. I pursue pleasure and live a life without limits. I could die tomorrow without regret because I did exactly what I wanted to do.

If I would recommend this life of escort service to a girl?

I do not know.

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The girl in the window was right; being¬†an escort in Amsterdam is difficult. I had sex with men I despised, and they hurt me, and I did it with a smile, even though I hated every moment and couldn’t wait for it to end.

I would say to the girl that she must be sure she loves sex and can do it automatically without involving feelings in any way. It’s not sex, it’s fitness. Sex is another thing.

I’m Sybil, a professional escort. This is my life; I chose it, I wanted it, and this is what I will be for a long time.