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Svetlana Amsterdam Escort

Svetlana Diva escort girl in Amsterdam

Our escort babes are not all Dutch, but our escort babes team is made up of beautiful women from all over Europe. We have Italian, German, French, English girls, and a sexy Russian girl named Svetlana.
Svetlana is one of our new Amsterdam escort babes, selected in the last casting, and that made everyone fall in love with her perfect body and the beauty of her sweet face. Svetlana worked for many years as a model of underwear and has a body that none of us had seen before, a sensational look and an incredible talent for sex and perversion. Svetlana is a woman who pursues pleasure and whose goal is to have orgasms and fun every day, and which offers any escort extra service to her clients. In fact, Svetlana has no limits, and for her, every sexual practice is absolutely allowed if she manages to give her the orgasm she was waiting for with so much impatience.
An escort babe like this ravishing Russian is very rare, and we are proud to have her in our escort directory, ready to be offered to all customers.
We can assure you that you have not yet seen a woman like Svetlana and that sex with her will be a real turning point in your life. Follow our advice and call her immediately, her schedule is always full, but Svetlana will always manage to find time for you. Don’t waste any more time, she’s waiting for you!


A dinner with Svetlana is a unique experience that will make you absolutely happy, and it’s the best way to get to know this wonderful girl. Her favorite restaurant is the “Bouganville” restaurant in Amsterdam, and we recommend that you immediately book the best table in the room for your evening with the beautiful escort Svetlana. Wear your best dress, because Svetlana will be lovely just for you!
Don’t miss the chance to spend time with this wonderful girl, you won’t regret it!


Svetlana is in love with Amsterdam, and every occasion is perfect for visiting new places in this city. You can visit the Jordaan district with her and have fun shopping and taking pictures with a beautiful hot Amsterdam escort babe like Svetlana. She is available to accompany you even in events, club nights, and business trips.
Svetlana will always be with you!


We can assure you that sex with the beautiful hot escort girl Svetlana is something absolutely unique and incredible. To have this life-changing experience, we strongly recommend that you prepare an appropriate location for Svetlana’s beauty, such as the best suite in the Aalborg hotel in Amsterdam. Svetlana is ready to give you maximum pleasure with her pussy, her ass, her mouth, and every other part of her body. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of her extra services, and you will never regret choosing sex with this wonderful girl.
Svetlana follows a safe sex policy and always uses a condom, even in oral sex.
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Svetlana Call Girl

9 reviews for “Svetlana

Overall Rating: 4.6
    Great skils!

    By: Mahmoud | 1 year ago

    A loving woman, she knows very well what she is doing, and she is very educated. I liked that she has very developed vaginal muscle and knows when and how to tighten to create maximum pleasure! Thank you!

    Great experience, dinner and everything!

    By: Peter | 1 year ago

    Svetlana is a much more beautiful woman in reality, especially when she laughs, and she does this all the time, being a very positive girl. I had a lovely experience. I paid a meeting with Svetlana for the whole night, had a nice dinner in the restaurant inside the hotel. Her company was a natural one, and I didn’t feel anything forced on her, everything was perfect. I am very grateful for how well everything went into the hotel room. I consider myself a gentleman, and I don’t want to get into details. I’ll get back to her soon. Thanks, Svetlana, for everything.

    Best GFE!

    By: Yariv | 1 year ago

    I made a booking with Svetlana for 2 hours, and she came into my room and gave me the best GFE. She is beautiful, and she has a great body, a cute and sweet girl. If you need to get the best GFE, then you will need to ask for her.


    By: Bishoy | 11 months ago

    Hi, I like u, how much with me all night. I like you so much baby, please respond to mebby, you are so beautiful, baby

    Svetlana the best girl!

    By: Ezekiel | 11 months ago

    Svetlana is more than wow!!! I finally had the opportunity to meet her. We met in the lobby, spent more than an hour in the hotel restaurant, after which we went to the room, and for several hours everything was excellent. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever had a relationship with, and it was the best experience I had. She is very positive and a little crazy, a playful character, a super attitude, but at the same time, Svetlana is a hot and friendly girl. I promised her this review, but the reality is that I will return to Amsterdam for her too.

    Take her she is the best

    By: David | 10 months ago


    very open-minded

    By: Mahomed | 9 months ago

    A big thank you for another great evening Svetlana! I will not go into too much detail as I do not feel comfortable sharing with the internet what I am doing in the bedroom. However, I can tell you that Svetlana is one of the few escorts that managed to fully satisfy my sexual needs. She is very kind and open-minded. She agreed to fantasies that no one ever did before. She looks amazing, almost like a pornstar but I can’t remember the name. Also, she gives the most amazing erotic massage that you can find in all of Amsterdam. Thank you again for helping me relax and giving me the best fucks of my life.

    Svetlana the best GFE girl!

    By: Zhuang J. | 8 months ago

    As I promised here I am with my review!
    A few days ago when I was in Amsterdam, I had the enchanting pleasure of spending time with Svetlana.
    From the moment I stumbled upon her profile online, I was captivated, but seeing her radiant beauty in person was an entirely different experience.
    Our encounter began with two hours scheduled, focused on a rich, quality GFE.
    As she stepped into my space, she embraced me with a fervor that stirred immediate gratification.
    Dressed in sheer red lingerie, her allure was magnified tenfold, and my resolve gradually crumbled under the weight of my rising desire.
    In Svetlana, I found echoes of a long-lost high school love, a sweet familiarity that made our connection even more intense.
    We abandoned ourselves to pleasure, her body responding to my every touch with a rhythm that was pure poetry.
    Our shared passion blossomed into what was arguably the best sexual experience of my life.
    Following our intimate encounter, Svetlana tenderly aided me in showering, a surprisingly exhilarating experience.
    Over a glass and a shared joint, we chatted before deciding it was time for her to depart as the two hours finished.
    In terms of her looks, I would rate her a solid 9 out of 10, with an angelic face that left me awestruck.
    Her body was a perfect 10, curves sculpted like a piece of divine art.
    Her breasts, an 9, were a delight to touch, albeit smaller than my usual preference as I prefer huge, but firm nonetheless.
    For her oral skills, a 10 out of 10 seems apt as her tongue deftly performed its sensual wet dance.
    The French Kisses was a 10 as well, a wet and wild exploration in various positions.
    As for the GFE, she surpasses the scale with a perfect 10+.
    I look forward to our inevitable reunion.
    Many kisses just for you my dear Svetlana.

    GFE service!

    By: Henning | 7 months ago

    Svetlana is truly a spectacle to behold, a delightful rarity in a world full of predictability.
    When I initially laid my eyes on her pictures, I was spellbound, leading me to secure her companionship for two enchanting hours.
    As promised, she graced my place right on schedule at 7 pm sharp, setting the stage for an encounter that far exceeded my anticipations.
    Her sensual prowess during our intimate moments was awe-inspiring.
    Each second we shared was suffused with an intensity that mirrored the final moments of a grand symphony – passionate, dramatic, and utterly unforgettable.
    Svetlana was clearly absorbed at the moment, reveling in the shared ecstasy rather than just performing for a paycheck, a quality that distinguishes her from others in the field.
    Her body is a visual feast – her skin, as soft as satin; her breasts, as, and the rest, a flawless work of art, radiating a youthful vigor and emanating a refreshing scent that is a treat for the senses.
    I can’t help but anticipate more passionate encounters with this enchanting nymph on my subsequent trips to Amsterdam.
    I urge you to opt for the GFE service – it transforms a wonderful experience into an extraordinary one.
    Rest assured, with her, every penny invested will yield returns in the form of unforgettable memories, leaving no room for regret.
    I still thinking of her ass, lol!