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French Kissing

French Kissing is a very requested service, which most of our clients want to do, and this is possible by calling Divas Escorts Agency.
Customers requesting French Kissing want to experience a meeting with an escort who offers outcall call girls service as a part of the girlfriend experience service.
To experience a french kiss, the best option is to book a sexual partner with whom you can experience sensual kisses that will also stimulate your erogenous zones.
The mutual pleasure that French Kissing offers to both participants can only be possible when at least one partner is an expert in this sexual service.
If it is the first time you are experiencing a french kiss, these are some basic elements that you should know before jumping into the kinky dimension of the pleasures that this type of kiss can offer you.

What is a french kissing escort?

The French kiss service is first encountered in Great Britain and America when at the beginning of the 1900`s it was believed that the culture for sexual and adventurous life was much more advanced in France.
The French kiss is now known under several names, namely;

  • Tongue kiss
  • Deep kiss
  • Making out
  • Snogging
  • Tongue kissing
  • Necking
  • Sexy kissing
  • Hot kissing

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The French kiss it’s basically a classic kiss in which the client and the escort use their tongues, stimulating pleasant sensations with the tongue, lips, and entire mouth, for mutual sexual pleasure.
Clients’ desire for this sexual service is high when they ask for an escort service, especially due to the fact that french kisses stimulate the erogenous zones.
The erogenous zones are on the tongue, lips, and around the mouth, and produce strong sensations through the sexual arousal of both participants.

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The action of the french kiss is simple in theory, and the difference between a “regular kiss” and a french kiss is that the one born from French love, involves the tongue, being much wetter than the normal one.
The intensity of the use of the tongue in the French kiss depends each time on how casual the participants of this sexual service can be.
The mouth is full of sensors, papillae, receptors, and implicitly erogenous zones, for this reason, the kiss with the tongue can often be different from the kiss without the tongue.

How to French Kiss an Escort

French KissingThe desire for a hot, passionate, and full of eroticism “French kiss” definitely comes with those memories of experiences, in which the neuronal stimulation of the hormones responsible for pleasure, for the prelude before the sexual act, make you go “crazy” due to the primal instinct to pleasure.
The French kiss is an important part of our puberty, a ritual of people in love, who cannot ignore it, but which most adults abandon once they are robbed of the desperation and the instinct of the sexual act preceded by the pleasure of orgasm.
If you are a follower of “make love” then the French kiss is mandatory, it is the most important part of the sexual act and the most important part of the foreplay.
A classic make-out session can be an intimate and passionate way to connect with your discovered female partner, and the French kiss can give you the energy that can heat you up to the point of nuclear fusion and the nuclear explosion of pleasure.

How to French Kiss: Step One

Once you have established visual contact with the escort girl, avoid sudden movements and slowly approach your partner whom you hired today for this escort service.
As you approach the escort girl, pay attention to her feedback, if she also slowly moves towards you and if she expresses her consent through her body language.
However, if you feel like she doesn’t want it yet or you’re not sure she wants to be kissed now, simply ask her, “I really want to kiss you now, do you want to?” or “I would like to kiss you, could I kiss you now?”, in this way you will be able to obtain the verbal consent of the escort girl.
Once the intention to kiss each other is established and consented to, you can use your hands, through light touches, to touch her head, hair, and nape of the head, shoulder, and back, and guide her towards you.

How to French Kiss: Step Two

French Kissing Valerya escort To avoid certain situations, start tilting your head to one side so that your hot lips can meet the red and sensual lips of the escort girl.
Tilting the head is necessary in order not to “spoil the moment” thus avoiding hitting your nose and creating an embarrassing situation.
Statistically speaking, most people close their eyes every time when they kiss.
It is a better choice to keep your eyes closed, so as not to be considered by your partner as a weirdo, especially since you are not at a show, and the moment of the French kiss should be full of emotions and intensity.

How to French Kiss: Step Three

The secret of the French kiss is sensuality, so bring your lips closer to the lips of the escort girl.
When you start kissing, be careful that the pressure on her lips is soft and light, with your lips almost closed, and slightly puckered and wrinkled.
Be careful not to look desperate, and don’t keep your jaw open and tense as if you were a predatory animal that wants to devour its prey.

How to French Kiss: Step Four

While the action of the French kiss intensifies, slowly start to open your mouth slightly, at which point your tongue will be able to meet the tongue of the partner escort girl.
Gently touch your partner’s lips with your tongue, and start to insert your tongue gently between the escort girl’s lips so that your partner understands that it is the moment when you want to add your tongue as an accessory in the sexual act of the kiss.
If the escort girl responds to your intentions with her mouth open, then it’s time to use your tongue gently and lightly, to explore the warm and wet tongue of your partner.

Practice the French kiss with an escort

A female escort can be the ideal partner for you to practice the French kiss, and you can practice this kiss, and do it gracefully.
It’s not the funnest situation to “make fun of yourself” by showing your girlfriend, wife, or any other woman that you’re not good at French kissing at all.
Practicing the French kiss can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have anyone with you.

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In this sense, Divas Escorts Agency can find you a female escort, who can take the place of your romantic partner, with whom you would like to finally practice the French kiss.
It’s normal not to be an expert at everything, and you have to be honest that you want to improve your French kissing skills.
You can practice the tongue greeting on the soft fruits, but an escort girl can be the best option to receive the best feedback in your evolution towards the best French kisser.

French Kissing; To do and not to do

In any situation, an action requires and imposes certain rules.
In the present case, the French kiss even with an escort girl should follow certain rules that we will present below.

Choose the right location

A private location is necessary because the French kiss is an intimate act and therefore generally a private matter.
Choosing a private location for the kiss must be one that ticks the private and romantic aspects.
Escort girls as well as clients who call on the escort services are all adults; that’s why you don’t have to focus on the people around you who might “stare” while you kiss the escort girl on a sofa in the restaurant or in the hotel lobby.
Be careful to choose a private place where you feel comfortable, the most optimal being clearly the one in the hotel room or a private apartment.

Be careful not to have bad breath

The smell of onions, garlic, nachos, or garlic fries isn’t a very good idea if you know there’s a French kissing session ahead, even if you go ahead with dinner, be careful what you eat.
No matter how much you use your toothbrush or gum, certain foods or flavors can change your bad breath into a terrible one.
You don’t want to feel embarrassed or pay attention if the escort smells an unmistakable aroma.

Moisturize your lips and mouth

Make sure your lips are hydrated and soft.
You don’t want your lips to feel crunchy, like a well-done pizza topping, but rather like a juicy peach that makes you want to savor it while caressing your fleshy lips.
Keep your lips hydrated. If you know that a make-out session is coming up, hydrate and perfume yourself.

Always breathe lightly through your nose

The general idea is that you want a kiss to take your breath away, not literally but only figuratively.
When you are involved in a French kiss, you also have to pay attention to your breathing, in order not to risk feeling as if someone is trying to suffocate you.
Breathe slightly more through the nose and avoid heavy breathing through the mouth, because you are already set on: “my mouth is involved with your mouth”.

Use your hands and make them a sensual tool

Don’t act like a dinosaur. Your hands can be a powerful sensual tool, you’re not a T-Rex who can’t use his hands.
Use both hands to caress her head and face, playing with them through her hair, and around her waist, and when you feel it’s appropriate, gently touch her ass or her excited breasts.

Don’t insist on using too much tongue in her mouth

Most people love wet and soft kisses. But even so, as much as some people might like a soft and wet kiss, you don’t have to insist on appearing to be a cute puppy desperate to love your owner, soaking in the saliva with your tongue.

Go out a little from the perimeter of the mouth

In order for the French kiss to be completely sensual, pleasant, exciting, and not boring, it is good to combine the kiss on the mouth with passionate kisses on the neck or even with a sweet kiss on the cheek or forehead with the softest lips and closed mouth.

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Location Where The French Kissing Escort Service Can Be Possible

Divas Escort Agency can serve its clients the best french kissing and a happy ending with one of the following escort services locations:
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