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Erotic Massage

Erotic massage as an escort service involves the erotic stimulation of the client by touching the erogenous zones, which requires arousal or sexual stimulation.
The erotic massage that our Amsterdam escorts practice is performed primarily by the escort girl on the client’s body who consumes the erotic massage service.
In the case of a couple of services, together with the partner, in this case, at least two escorts are needed.
Erotic massage can be a form of foreplay or a way to increase eroticism, relax, and stimulate imagination and pleasure during sexual activity.
It’s essential to communicate with the escort girl about your sexual limits and preferences before engaging in erotic massage.

That way, both will know exactly how to stimulate pleasure and relaxation.

How to give an erotic massage

There are many different techniques and styles of erotic massage, and it can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to relax and relieve stress, to increase arousal and pleasure or to promote relaxation and intimacy in a relationship, or as a prelude to sex for a sexual game with a high level of satisfaction.
Erotic massageDuring the erotic massage, the escort girl must lubricate the skin and erogenous zones as well as possible for the most intense pleasure. When you want to practice sex with an escort girl, you must use a condom to reduce your risk of sexually transmitted infections and also of the girl you are with.
Divas Escort Agency does not hire girls for therapeutic massages, so erotic massage should not be confused with therapeutic massage.
Therapeutic massage treats micro-injuries, muscle tension, or specific physical conditions and is not intended to be a sexual stimulant or arousal.
Our escort girls offer an erotic massage that can be a sensual and intimate way to connect with your wife, life partner, mistress, or, why not, with your secretary with extended hours.
It is essential to approach the activity of erotic massage with sensitivity and respect for the limits that the escort girl offers.
For the erotic massage service to be as pleasant and intense as possible, we present some tips:

Adopt a friendly and cheerful mood:

Create a relaxing and comfortable environment in the room where the erotic massage service will be performed.
Dim the lights, choose a playlist on Youtube or Spotify with slow or erotic massage music, which can be heard on mute, and use aromatic candles to create a pleasant atmosphere that can help you enter a state of total relaxation.

Communicate with the escort partner before but also during the erotic massage:

The escort girl will ensure that the client feels comfortable every time and that the idea of an erotic massage is exactly what he wants.
The escort girl will discuss in advance the limits or preferences she might have before, during, and after the erotic massage.

You will use a massage oil:

The massage oil will help the escort girl’s hands to glide smoothly over the client’s skin and can also enhance the sensual experience to stimulate reactions in the body.

The escort girl will start your massage slowly every time:

The girl will start with light touches and gradually increase the pressure, especially in the fleshy areas of the body.
Please pay attention to the client’s body language and verbal cues, paying attention to every detail to assess their comfort level and take them to the maximum pleasure zone.

The escort girls from Divas Escort Agency use a variety of pleasant touch techniques:

The escort who will provide you with the erotic massage service will engage in different touches, such as stroking other areas of the body, kneading fleshy locations, and rubbing for electrifying sensations.
The escort will focus on sensitive areas, such as the client’s back, neck, thighs, or penis.

Escort Divas specializing in erotic massage will focus on satisfying their partner and their client:

The erotic massage that Divas Escort Agency offers is to satisfy the client so that the girls will focus on the client’s wishes and needs, and they will receive.
The escort girls with whom Divas Escort Agency works know how important it is always to respect the client’s limits and to stop if he feels uncomfortable. Suppose the client wants the escort to prevent the erotic massage at any time; she will.
Erotic massage should only be performed by experienced escort girls, and Divas Escort Agency has escort girls trained in a safe and legal environment.
It is not appropriate to request or perform erotic massage on someone without their explicit consent, and Divas Escort Agency offers the service of erotic massage only at the request of its clients.

What is an erotic massage?

To better understand what an erotic massage is and how it is done, it is best to rent this type of massage, designed to stimulate you sexually and achieve sexual pleasures without consuming the sexual act or with oral or manual completion.
The erotic massage that the Divas Escorts Agency girls practice.
Erotic massage can involve massage techniques traditionally used for therapeutic purposes, such as Swedish massage or shiatsu, but with an emphasis on the sexual arousal and pleasure that the client and escort mostly experience.
Erotic massage may also include the use of special techniques such as sensual touching, stroking, and other forms of non-penetrative sexual activity, as well as the use of erotic accessories such as oils, massage lotions, or certain accessories and toys.
Erotic massage is performed in a private setting, such as a massage parlor, spa, or at home. Still, Divas Escorts Agency offers this outcall service in a hotel room, house, or private apartment and is provided by a diva masseuse escort.

How to find an erotic massage escort girl?

When you request sexual services in The Netherlands, choosing a specialized escort agency is best. In this case, Divas Escorts Agency can help you select the perfect model that offers professional erotic massage.
Independent sex activities of the incall type are illegal in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Alkmaar, Beverwijk, Utrecht, Almere, Zaanstad, Amersfoort, Haarlem, Hilversum, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Purmerend, Hoofddorp, Zaandam, Hoorn, Velsen, Heerhugowaard, Wormerland, Koggenland, Haarlemmermeer, Huizen, Heemskerk.

You can also choose every time a French kissing escort service with the most beautiful and passionate girls that Divas Escorts Agency makes available to you.

Also, Schiphol, Castricum, Bergen, Edam-Volendam, Diemen, Enkhuizen, Bloemendaal, Heemstede, Heiloo, Langedijk, Uitgeest, Waterland, Weesp, Wijdemeren, Uithoorn, Schagen, Zandvoort, Ouder-Amstel, and throughout The Netherlands, mainly because most prostitutes are not registered and are not safe. Hiring prostitutes without legal status can have serious legal and personal security consequences.
If you are interested in receiving an erotic massage, it is essential to do your research and choose a professional masseuse from an escort agency. Divas Escort Agency offers a licensed erotic massage service with escort girls who have received proper training and follow professional standards of practice.
In the Divas escort agency, you can find a professional masseuse who offers you a quality erotic massage and already has many recommendations and reviews from friends, colleagues, and past clients.

Erotic massage with good reviews escorts

The best idea is to read reviews before choosing an erotic massage escort and ask about the masseuse’s training, experience, and policies regarding consent and sexual boundaries before booking a session.
It is important to remember that an erotic massage is a form of therapy. Even if it is seen as a sexual service, it must be treated with respect and professionalism.
Erotic massage activates robust and diverse biochemical processes in the human body.
Also, erotic massage stimulates the production of hormones that produce pleasure, namely dopamine, but also have the power to feel good, such as serotonin.
Erotic massage and sexual intercourse also produce endorphins, called the happiness hormone.
Thanks to these released substances, erotic massage, and sex are considered the best antidepressants and sedatives, and this fact is proven and explained by specialists.
Treating a masseuse escort in Amsterdam disrespectfully or engaging in any behavior that may make them uncomfortable or unsafe is inappropriate.
It is also important to respect everyone’s limits, both the person receiving the massage and the one giving it, and to have open and honest communication about what activities are allowed or not for both parties.

Erotic couples massage

The erotic massage for couples that Divas Escorts Agency offers is a type of massage that is designed to be the best sexual stimulant for a couple.
This erotic massage is performed on a male and female couple, unlike the erotic massage performed on an individual.
As in the case of individual erotic massage, it can involve various techniques, such as sensual touch, stroking, and massaging the erogenous areas of the body of the two, husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. The purpose of an erotic couples massage is to increase the sexual arousal and pleasure of both partners. It is usually performed privately, preferably by two professional erotic masseuses.

Erotic massages for a couple are not a therapeutic massage

It is important to note that an erotic massage for couples is not the same as sexual services or prostitution, and it is not appropriate to solicit or solicit such services from therapeutic masseuses.
Likewise, respecting both partners’ boundaries and communicating openly and honestly about their uncomfortable activities is essential, especially to avoid conflict.
It’s a good idea to discuss your limits and expectations with the escort masseuses before the session begins and make sure both partners are comfortable with the erotic massage activity.
Suppose you are interested in receiving an erotic massage for couples. In that case, it is essential to do your research and choose a licensed escort masseuse who has received proper training and follows professional standards of practice.
You may find masseuses offering erotic massages for couples by requesting recommendations from our staff on chat or WhatsApp.
It’s also a good idea to read reviews and ask about the training, experience, and policies of the masseuse escorts who work best together for the most enjoyable experience.

How to give an erotic massage

There are regular and therapeutic massages given by therapists specializing in treating specific conditions, which most people find relaxing and valuable in complementary therapies.
In the “adult world,” there is great pleasure in an erotic massage, which can change your life, especially your sex life.
The purpose of erotic messages is to release tension and reduce stress, but above all, to achieve sexual arousal and stimulate sexual pleasures.

Giving an erotic massage to an escort girl

Find out in seven steps how you can offer the hottest erotic massage to an escort girl as a sexual service from a private hotel room or private apartment to spend hot moments full of intensity.

Create a relaxing and pleasant mood.

First, you should prepare the place where the Amsterdam escort girl will lie naked face down, preferably on a firm bed.
It shouldn’t be the case, but a more oversized towel can be used if you are shy.
To create a pleasant environment, it is necessary to turn off the lights, light some aromatic candles that you buy in advance, and perhaps most importantly, choose a playlist with sensual, massage, or relaxing music that you both find soothing.
There are essential oil diffusers that can intensify the erotic game, stimulating the imagination through the aromatherapy effect.
In our sessions with our expert girls in erotic massage, they think a few things should be established before starting each erotic massage session.
Probably the most important is transparency in discussing the limits that escort girls should respect with the client.
Some clients have more sensitive body parts, and the escort girl must know them, especially if he does not want to be massaged or touched.

Activating the senses for intense pleasure

Escort girls know that before you start to insist on their areas between the shoulders, the back of the neck, the head, and the back, you must introduce them to a dimension that is present but different from reality. They will let you know for sure.
For this, it is preferable to use certain light-touch toys that create certain sensations.
These sensations stimulation accessories that expert escort girls in erotic massage use can be; a piece of velvet or a fine silk scarf, a bunch of feathers, or if there are none, use your fingertips.

The need to use massage oil for erotic massage with a girl

For a pleasant experience of a nice erotic massage, it is necessary to use quality massage oil.
There are several massage oils, but the most used are; organic coconut oil, mainly used in summer, and almond oil, used more in the cold season.
Escort girls often use aromatized massage oil for a better mind-body connection and relaxation.
The escort girl will bring her oil to the client’s room; in this way, an unpleasant situation will be avoided, in the case of specific skin allergies, if they exist.
If you have obtained the consent of the escort girl for a massage with genital stimulation, use the certified oil, coconut oil, which is safe for vaginal penetration.
Certain oils contain ingredients that can cause a delicate imbalance in the pH of the vagina.

Start the erotic massage you give the escort girl slowly

To succeed in behaving like a professional, it is necessary that at least in the first 10 – 15 minutes of the erotic massage, it is simply an ordinary massage without sensual intentions.
Stay relaxed while massaging the body of this gorgeous escort girl, and don’t go directly to her breasts, vagina, or other erogenous zones.
Now you are an “erotic massage professional.” Consequently, you should help this escort girl to relax so that later the access to the erogenous zones will occur naturally and pleasantly in both directions.
By following these steps, the moment you reach her genitals, this wonderful escort girl will be in that physical and mental space allowing you to devour each other.
For an original erotic massage, it is necessary to use the fleshy part of the palm, making continuous circular movements and working along the entire length of the muscle, especially those on the back.

Sensual massage of erogenous zones

Once you have reached this wonderful part of the erotic massage, you will undoubtedly have re-stressed the tense parts of the body through massage techniques.
You have already massaged your scalp, neck, back, buttocks, and legs, and now… yes, yes, yes, it’s time to move on to the sexy and erogenous part of the erotic massage.
Of course, we allow ourselves to introduce the funny part here, but leaving the jokes aside, at this stage, you should have given the model escort girl a complete massage, a body massage.
You can transition from the work part to the fun stuff and start touching their erogenous parts without insisting or penetrating.
Gently touch the areas around the breasts already “moistened with the massage oil,” but do not massage the nipples yet.
Instead of going directly to the vagina, massage the escort girl’s thighs, especially in the area that connects to her pelvis.
Continue with sexual massage, gently touching the erogenous zones with sensual movements.

The actual erotic massage of the erogenous zones

In this part, the face of the model you perform the erotic massage on should be relaxed and in a state of excitement that allows touching the erogenous zones, the nipples, her vagina if it provides, and the anal erogenous zone.
In this situation, the escort model is already in a state of advanced arousal, which makes a simple touch could make her moan with pleasure.
It is the moment when it is essential to start the light touches and with circular movements around the clitoris of the escort girl, which you should do with your hand.

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This can be more pleasant if you have a silicone toy or a vibrator.
Keep doing this until you feel it’s time to penetrate the clitoris with your finger and, even more pleasantly on both sides, direct stimulation of the clitoris with the help of oral sex.
Ask the escort girl to “help” you.
This help will be a joint effort for mutual pleasure if you ask the escort girl to get involved in touching your clitoris so that she can enjoy more strong sensations.
I assure you that the view will be unique and full of pleasure.
The escort girl will know precisely the area of the clitoris where she will have to massage it, while you can penetrate her vagina or play with her ass while giving her oral sex.

The conclusion and completion of the erotic massage

By following the above steps, performing the erotic massage without haste, and insisting too much on the same areas, you have contributed to the possibility that the escort girl will want her orgasm.
All these processes above relax the mind and body and make the escort girl accumulate a high level of sexual desire and want the erotic massage with completion.
It’s time to join the escort girl for a session of hugs, caresses, or even kisses after the orgasm, and the pleasure still circulates throughout the body and maintains a state of happiness and joy.
All these steps you have learned “how to give an erotic massage,” you will have to use in your next erotic massage session shortly to improve your experience.
Suppose the experience of erotic massage is a fantasy that you like and want to do regularly. In that case, it may be that this technique that you master will bring you the hottest moments of sexual intimacy with the partner you have chosen to have. Spend these moments.
Experience an erotic massage at least once a month to learn more about your fantasies and observe the emotions and pleasures your partner experiences in your presence.

Definition and types of sexual massage

As I said before, sexual or erotic massage is a form of massage in which techniques are used to de-tension the muscles, sensitize the nervous system through excitement, and awaken or achieve orgasm or ejaculation.
In some practices, it is considered that erotic or sexual massage has a spiritual component and, most of the time, is a complementary therapy for curing some ailments.
In ancient Taoism as well as in Tantra, sexual energy is believed to have strong links with the vital force, and their followers have developed massage techniques aimed at promoting sexual and spiritual health.
Most psychotherapies even recommend the occasional performance of these sexual massage practices for individuals and people in relationships to solve erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Expressions for erotic massage

  • sexual massage
  • erotic massage
  • sensual massage
  • happy ending massage

An erotic massage performed by Divas Agency escorts is a “massage with a happy ending,” this expression being slang that most clients use.
The erotic massage with completion is practically a traditional massage performed on the whole body but with sexual fulfillment.
This erotic massage will end with a sexual act designed to cause the orgasm of the clients to whom the Divas Agency escorts practice this sexual service.

Location Where The Erotic Massage Service Can Be Possible

Divas Escort Agency can serve its clients an erotic massage with a happy ending with one of the following escort services locations:
Escort Amsterdam, Escort Den Haag, Escort Rotterdam, Escort Alkmaar, Escort Beverwijk, Escort Utrecht, Escort Almere, Escort Zaanstad, Escort Amersfoort, Escort Haarlem, Escort Hilversum, Escort Aalsmeer, Escort Amstelveen, Escort Purmerend, Escort Hoofddorp, Escort Zaandam, Escort Hoorn, Escort Velsen, Escort Heerhugowaard, Escort Wormerland, Escort Koggenland, Escort Haarlemmermeer, Escort Huizen, Escort Heemskerk, Escort Schiphol, Escort Castricum, Escort Bergen, Escort Edam-Volendam, Escort Diemen, Escort Enkhuizen, Escort Bloemendaal, Escort Heemstede, Escort Heiloo, Escort Landsmeer, Escort Langedijk, Escort Uitgeest, Escort Waterland, Escort Weesp, Escort Wijdemeren, Escort Uithoorn, Escort Schagen, Escort Zandvoort, Escort Ouder-Amstel.