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Hello, and welcome to the pages of, the official web space of Divasamsterdam, the best Amsterdam escort agency in the city.
We provide every kind of female entertainment for our clients; we offer the best girls, the best services, and all the tools necessary to have an incredible escort experience every single time.
My name is Daiana, and I’m the agency’s General Manager.
And I’m in charge of ensuring you always receive the best escort service possible.
I created all the extra services you can use to personalize your Amsterdam escort experience, and I’m always interested in creating new ones.
Today, I have a meeting with one of my favorite escort babes, the lovely Anne, and we will discuss the new Party Girl Amsterdam escort service.
Anne is a beautiful girl with a perfect body and a cute gaze, and she is always ready to create new ideas for extra services.
Party Girl Amsterdam Escort Anne
She wears a cute white jacket, yellow slim-fit pants, and black heels today.
She is awesome!
I don’t want to waste time, and we have much to discuss.
“Hi, Anne, it’s always a pleasure to meet you.
Thanks a lot for your work; you are one of our best escorts.”
Anne is the best party girl escort
“Thanks a lot, Daiana.
I’m always happy to meet you.
How can I help you?”
“I’m thinking about the new Party Girl Amsterdam Escorts service.
I want to talk with you about the service and how to use it at its full potential.”
“Ok, what do you want to know?”
“Can you explain to me the service?”
“The service is straightforward.
As you well know, Amsterdam is a city that offers many opportunities to party every night.
There are many clubs, discos, nightclubs, and opportunities to live transgressive parties.
Our customers hate going to these parties alone because you can get the most out of these parties only with the company of a high-class Amsterdam escort girl from one of our agencies.
The Party Girl Amsterdam Escorts service offers all customers the opportunity to attend any Amsterdam party with a beautiful girl all night.
This is the best way to have fun and be the center of attention.”

Anne, sexy babe party girl
“For what reason?”
“Because, as you know, our girls are the most beautiful in the world, carefully selected for talent and beauty.
I love parties, and I love to dance all night.
I am the best girl for the Party Girl Amsterdam escort girl service, and all my clients are always satisfied with my work.”
“Yes, I have received many compliments for your work.”
“Clients will be the center of attention because they will be accompanied by a beautiful, sensual girl who will give them 100% of her attention and loyalty.
When I run a Party Girl Amsterdam escorts service, I am not interested in seducing other men or having fun, but I only want to make my client happy and turn him into the king of the evening.
This is my mission, and I’ve always managed to achieve it.”
Anne calls a girl escort to fuck.
“Wonderful, Anne.
So, what are the rules for the Party Girl Amsterdam escort service?
We all know that the parties in Amsterdam are wild and full of transgressions.
We must have some rules to be able to handle the situation in the right way.”
“Yes, I agree.
Thanks to the rules, I have always been able to manage things in the best way.
The first rule is that I want to know in advance which party to go to to check and understand if it is possible to perform the Party Girl Escort Amsterdam service safely with the best escort call girls.
Some parties are too out of control, and there are not the minimum safety conditions needed to be able to work.
In that case, I try to offer the customer alternatives to find a solution.
I hate to say no to customers and continually work to find solutions.
Up to now, I have always been able to find satisfactory compromises.”

Anne escort service Amsterdam party girl
“Very well, that’s what I expect from a high-class Amsterdam escort girl.”
“The second rule is about drugs and alcohol.
The rule is straightforward: no drugs and no alcohol while I work.
I don’t mean to be a teetotal or not use drugs, but when I work, I am 100% clean, so I can always control the situation.
If I am not lucid enough, I cannot guarantee the highest quality of my service.
Furthermore, I want customers not to use drugs and to limit alcohol as much as possible.
I do not like spending time with people who have used drugs because they are difficult to control, and alcohol damages sexual performance.
Some customers don’t like the rule, but these are my conditions.
I am the party’s soul, the Party Girl Escort Amsterdam service, and if you want to spend time with me, these are my conditions.”

Anne party girl escorts hot babe.
“I agree with you.
The last rule?”
“The last rule is straightforward, yet it is always better to clarify it beforehand.
The Party Girl Amsterdam escort service lets the client spend time with a beautiful girl and call girls at a party.
No sexual intercourse is expected, at most a few hugs or a kiss.
If the client wants to have sex before or after the party, he has to buy the basic package or some other extra service.
I had minor problems with people who didn’t understand this simple rule, but luckily, I always kept control of the situation.”

Anne, escort girl, Amsterdam
“Let me summarize: know in advance which party you want to go to, no alcohol and drugs, no sex included in this service.
Did I understand correctly?”
“You understand perfectly, Daiana.”
“I agree with you.
These are our agency’s rules for the Party Girl Escort Amsterdam service.
Do not hesitate to report any unwelcome customer behavior, and continue with your excellent work.”
“Thanks, Daiana.
I will!”
Our meeting is over.
If you want to attend a party with a beautiful Amsterdam escort girl, use our Party Girl Amsterdam Escort service, and you will have the time of your life with escort services near me!

Party girl escort Anne Amsterdam
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