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Hello, dear friend; it’s always a pleasure to see you on the pages of, the official website of the best Amsterdam escort entertainment agency in the city.
My name is Daiana, and I’m the agency’s General Manager.
I work with our escort babes to offer only the best Amsterdam escort experience possible every single time.
We provide several extra services to our clients to personalize their night, and today, I have a meeting with one of the new escort babes of the escort agency, the lovely escort Cindy.
Sensuele Massage Escort Cindy
Cindy is a sweet girl with a top-model body, a lovely look, and a great passion for the massages.
She wants to talk with me about a new service, the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service.
I am interested in hearing her ideas, so we set this meeting in my office.
She is wearing a short red dress with red, very high stiletto heels.
It’s a total red look for a real temptation.
We are here; the meeting can start right now!
Cindy, you are adorable today! What a beautiful dress! You are truly an example of elegance for all the girls in the agency!”

Pussy Massage Escort Cindy
“Thanks, Daiana; I am happy you appreciate my dress; I bought it yesterday to use it tonight with Mr. G, who selected the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service with the basic package of regular sex and blowjob with condom.”
“Tonight, yes, exactly.
Mr. G is always pleased to have sex with you and is very curious to try this new extra service.
I want more information on the Sensuele Massage Escort Amsterdam service.”

Escort Babe Cindy
“No problem. As you well know, I am a colossal massage enthusiast.
I love getting and receiving them, and on my days off, I spend a lot of time massaging.
I attend professionals who help me to have always perfect skin.
I studied several massage methods and rediscovered the Dutch massage tradition, the Sensuele Massage.
This massage primarily focuses on relaxing the person and giving him the strength necessary to have sex if the client wishes.
I have studied for a long time and understood that no one offered this service, preferring to focus on the most common massages, such as Chinese or Thai.
It was an opportunity to offer something new and 100% original.
That’s why I thought of the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service: a service where the customer can choose to have this traditional massage and relax the body mind and get excited in the same way.
The novelty of the service and the agency’s credibility have allowed customers to trust the service, and Mr. G will be the next one to try my massage.”

Cindy Escort Service Amsterdam
“Very interesting, Cindy.
It was not easy to identify an underexploited sector in erotic massages, but you did it.
I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit.
Please, now tell me how you perform this massage.”
“As you know, Holland has always been a seaside country, and Amsterdam has always been contaminated by cultures and people from other countries.
The Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service has recovered the tradition of the Dutch Sensuele massage, which focuses on manipulating some energy points in the human body.
Proper handling of these energy points allows people to have energy and limbs to lose again.
But it is not as easy as it seems because a small mistake can cause excruciating cramps and many other problems.
To successfully manage the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service, you need a long training and know exactly what to do.
I have studied Sensuele Massage for a long time with the best teachers in the city, and I have all the certifications necessary to perform it so that Mr. G will have the best massage of his life tonight! “

Cindy Sex Escort Amsterdam
“You said there are some energy points in the human body.
Are there also in the penis?”
“The penis is a compelling energy point in every man, even just for sex and reproduction.
Sensuele Massage focuses heavily on the penis, trying to massage it gently and concentrating a large part of the energy of the penis. You don’t just have to excite the client but energize the cock and the rest of the body.
But I know that Mr. G also bought the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom so that I can concentrate much more on the dick.
I like to excite people with the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service, and I’m happy that more and more people are starting to understand that this massage has the potential to give a lot of relief to people. It’s not a maneuver advertising.”

Naked babe escort Amsterdam
“I looked at the customers’ feedback; they are all satisfied.
Do you perform the massage naked?”
“My outfit is not essential for massage, but I usually do it naked or with sexy lingerie.
It all depends on the client’s requests.
In any case, I am thrilled that more and more people are interested in this massage, and I hope to have more and more customers eager to try the Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort agency service.”
“I am sure you will have many customers.
I am happy to have talked to you, and I wish you a good evening with your customer.”

Cindy Anal Sex Amsterdam Escort
Our conversation is over.
If you want to try our Sensuele Massage Amsterdam escort service extra exclusive service, all you have to do is contact us!
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