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Katia Body To Body Massage Escort Amsterdam

Best Body To Body Massage Escort Katia

Katia Body To Body Massage Amsterdam Escort
Katia Erotic Massage Amsterdam
Katia Erotic Massage Hotel Amsterdam
Katia Best Erotic Massage In Hotel
Katia Escort Body To Body Erotic Massage
Katia Hot Escort Body To Body Massage
Escort Service Katia Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Hi, and welcome back to the pages of, the official webspace of Divasamsterdam, the best escort agency in all of Amsterdam. On the pages of our site, you can find all the information you need to find the perfect escort girl for your night of transgressive sex and find a lot of helpful information on the extra services that we offer to all customers to personalize their experience with one of our babes.
I am Daiana, the agency’s General Manager, and I am always interested in developing new services, selecting new girls, and keeping our agency’s reputation very high.
We want satisfied customers, beautiful girls, and the certainty of offering first-class service in all circumstances.
My interviews with the best girls in the agency allow me to monitor our escort extra services and to propose ideas to improve them.
Today, I have a meeting with escort Katia, one of the agency’s most creative girls.
Katia Body To Body Massage Amsterdam Escort
Today, Katia is wearing slim-fit jeans with rips on her legs, black ankle boots, and a red jacket.
The meeting can begin; we have several topics to talk about.
“Hi Katia, thank you for being here.
We have several things to talk about.”
“Hi, Daiana; what can I do for you?”
“First of all, I want to congratulate you on your popularity.
You are a highly sought-after escort girl, and the fact that clients have given their willingness to wait to have sex with you is the best testimony to your quality.
I noticed that most of the extra services your customers purchase are related to massages, and I wanted to discuss this trend.
Why do people appreciate receiving a massage from you so much? “

Katia Erotic Massage Amsterdam
“During my career, I have done several jobs, and in one of these, I spent time in a spa, where I was passionate about massages.
I asked the owner to be able to learn how to perform any massage, and she agreed to teach me everything.
In a short time, I had become the main masseuse of the spa.
When I understood the massages’ potential, I decided to monetize them to the maximum and became an Escort Amsterdam.
My clients mainly choose my extra massage-related services because they are the best in what I do, without disrespecting other escort girls.”
“Your customers also appreciate how you love having sex, are intense, and are active.
But you are much more popular for your massages, especially for the Body-to-Body Massage Amsterdam escort service.
Why is this massage so popular?”

Katia Erotic Massage Hotel Amsterdam
“The Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service is my favorite massage; it was the first massage I learned in my career.
It is a very high erotic massage, perfect for exciting a person and channeling all sexual energies correctly.
The Body To Body Massage Escort Amsterdam service allows me and my client to establish an intense and unique bond, which my clients like very much.”
“What kind of bond?”
“The Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service is performed by rubbing my naked body covered with massage oil on the client’s naked body.
I think it’s the most erotic thing in the world to have a beautiful girl who rubs every inch of her body on you, making you excited and leaving you with smooth and soft skin.
Often, the most incredible intimacy with a person does not come from sex but from this experience.
Rubbing a naked body is incredibly exciting, and I must be careful not to generate orgasms when I massage the penis.”

Katia Best Erotic Massage In Hotel
“Is there a penis massage in the Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service?”
“Yes, the penis is also a part of the human body that must be massaged, even if the massage is not sexual.
That is the Happy Ending Massage Amsterdam escort service.
In the Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service, I gently massage the cock, and I rub the massage oil on the tip, but I don’t do anything else.
No handjob, no blowjob, no footjob.
The purpose of the massage is only to prepare the client to have sex, if he wants, or to relax him.
Usually, the client purchases the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom together with the Body To Body Massage Amsterdam escort service. Hence, the massage is a “warm-up” for sex.”
Katia Escort Body To Body Erotic Massage
“I understand.
You perform the massage only in the client’s hotel room?”
I need time, space, and privacy to perform this massage correctly, and at the end of the massage, I want to have a long hot shower with my client. This way, we can create a strong bond and be ready for sex.
I always bring my bag with essential oils and all the tools I need to perform the escort massage best.”
“Very well, Katia.
Have you ever had bad experiences with this massage?”
“Fortunately, no, I have never had bad experiences.
Let’s say that customers understand the limits and do not exceed them.
I know well that it is difficult to resist temptations, and I do not get angry if a customer touches my ass or my body while I perform the massage, even if it is forbidden.
It is important not to insist and continue to have very inappropriate behaviors; fortunately, no client has ever had them.
In case of a bad experience, I will notify you immediately.”
Katia Hot Escort Body To Body Massage
“Thank you, Katia.
I have nothing else to add; you have been very clear, and I have seen that you are an expert in what you do.
I am sure that you will still have many more customers, and that you will get so much success.
You can continue to perform the Body-to-Body Massage Amsterdam escort service as long as you maintain the highest quality standards.”
“Thanks a lot, Daiana, I will do my best!”

Escort Service Katia Erotic Massage Amsterdam
The meeting is over.
So, if you want a sweet Body Body Massage, contact us!
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