Kennice Bachelor Party Amsterdam Escort

Bachelor Party Escort Amsterdam

Kennice Party Girl Amsterdam Escort

Dear customer, welcome to the pages of, the official website of the best escort agency in Amsterdam. Let me introduce myself, I’m Daiana, the agency’s General Manager. I am the person who has the difficult task of selecting girls, managing all their bookings, and making sure that all services are of the highest quality.

My job is also to explain all the extra services that girls can perform for customers, to understand which is the best girl for each service, and to understand how to improve them.

Today I would like to explain to all customers one of our best services, the Bachelor Party Amsterdam escort service. I can’t think of any better girl than our babe escort Kennice to explain to all of you what this extra service is that you can add to the basic package of your escort experience.

Kennice is a beautiful brunette escort with perfect breasts, long legs, and an attractive look. Now she is wearing a gray shirt, black leather pants, and high heels. Kennice always loves to be very elegant, and I’m always happy to have a meeting with her.

Our meeting with the explanation of the service can begin.

“Hi Kennice, I am happy to have you here with me. You are the best escort to explain to everyone what the Bachelor Party Amsterdam escort service is. Answer my questions with the utmost sincerity.”

“Thanks, Daiana. You can start by asking me your questions.”

“First, what is a bachelor party?”

“The Bachelor Party is a party that takes place before getting married, precisely the same as the bachelorette party. It is celebrated on the last night before the wedding, and it is always an excellent opportunity to transgress, have fun, and have good times and great memories with friends. Since many couples live together before getting married, it is almost useless to do a bachelor party, but it is always an opportunity to have fun with friends. “

“We have clients from all over Europe. Why do you think they choose Amsterdam for their Bachelor Party?”

“Because Amsterdam is the European capital of entertainment. Every night there are clubs, discos, places where you can drink and have fun, restaurants and tourist attractions, it is impossible to get bored in the city. I believe that the tolerance that is found in Amsterdam is really very difficult to find in other European cities. Those who come to Amsterdam do it to have fun and to have a beautiful day. Our Bachelor Party Girls Amsterdam escort service is the best way to start a party that will be impossible to forget. “

“I understand. Yes, Amsterdam is truly the best European city from that point of view. Usually, what kind of activities you perform in the Bachelor Party Amsterdam escort service?”

“The goal of the service is to give life to an evening destined to be remembered forever, so I try to create good memories in the minds of all the participants, especially the groom. Usually, I go to the hotel room where they are all party participants, and I perform a striptease escort or an erotic show for everyone, and then a private one for the groom. In the private show, I am naked, and I try to excite him in a fun way. A man told me that I was much more beautiful of his future wife, and I proposed to get married, but unfortunately, it was too late. “


“In some cases, I had sex with the groom. Some friends paid me only for that, and I rang the door of the groom’s room, telling him that I was a friend’s gift. In some cases, the groom resisted the temptation, and we didn’t have sex, but in many others, we had a lot of fun. “

Kennice best babe Party Girl

“I hope the bride never finds out.”

“What happens in the Bachelor Party Amsterdam escort service remains in the Bachelor Party Escort Amsterdam service. Our clients must be free to have fun without having the danger of being discovered in the future or compromising the marriage. I never force anyone to have sex with me, and if a man is in love with his partner, I respect the decision not to have sex. “

“Excellent, Kennice. Are there other things that are asked of you?”

“Yes, a lot. For example, to go with the boys and the groom to dance in a club, pretending to be the groom’s fiancée, or to have dinner in a restaurant in Amsterdam. In many cases, I met some fascinating people, and many of them have become my customers. “

“It’s really impossible to get bored in this service.”

“No, Daiana. The requests are many, and what I like most is the possibility of giving life to many very different scenarios from each other. I really like to adapt my work to situations that happen and see what will happen. The unpredictability of some cases gives me a beautiful adrenaline rush. “

“Very interesting, Kennice. I can clearly see the passion you have for your job, and I like it very much. Do you have any ideas to improve the service?”

“I would like to have another escort with me sometimes or to add the possibility of being able to travel to reach customers in other cities and have other parties. I like to travel, but for now, the service is active only in Amsterdam.”

“Most customers are here, but if you want to travel and find a solution with the customer, you are free to do so.”

“Thanks, Daiana.”

The meeting is over, I hope our Bachelor Party Amsterdam escort service has been exciting for you, and if your friend is getting married, remember to contact us!

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