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Corney best party in Amsterdam

It’s nice to see you on, the official page of the best Amsterdam escort and adult entertainment agency.
I’m Daiana, the General Manager of the escort agency.
I’m the one that helps you to choose the best escort girls for your needs.

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I am here to mediate your dating with them, choosing the best services for your Amsterdam escort experience.
I’m always happy when I receive five-star feedback from a client, and every day, I work hard with my escort girls to ensure that you will receive only the best escort service possible.
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You can do whatever you want with our ladies; we create new services daily.
Today, I am meeting with one of my best babes, Corney.
She is a beautiful top model with a great body and a perfect face.
She is wearing glasses, a grey sweater, and blue jeans that are slim fit.

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Hot babe Amsterdam Escort party girl

Even with this outfit, she is gorgeous, and I can’t imagine how she looks in a cute dress.
She is the best girl you can choose if you want to party all night long.
I want to talk with her about many things, we can start the meeting.
“Corney, sweetie! You look amazing! It’s nice to see you.”
“The pleasure is mine, Daiana.
I always have time for the best boss ever.
How can I help you?” “I want to talk with you about your Parties Amsterdam escort service.

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Corney sexy party girl Amsterdam Escort

I noticed many clients asked for this service in the last few weeks, and I want to discuss it.
Can you tell me what kind of service it is?”
“The Parties Amsterdam escorts service is where I will attend a party with my client.
Usually, I offer my services only in the client’s hotel room, go to a restaurant for the Dinner Date, or walk in Amsterdam with the City Tour.
But I don’t attend parties, or I go to the disco with the client.
Using this service, I can attend every party in the city with the client and discos, pubs, and clubs.
It’s the perfect service if you want to go to a party and don’t want to go alone.”
“Why don’t you go to parties with customers without this service?”
“Because I am a professional escort, and everything I do has a particular reason.
We have created special services for anything, and customers have to pay the price for that specific service if they want to do it.
Anyone who wants to have oral sex and regular sex with me knows what to do, and those who want to go to a party with me.
If a client has not paid the Parties Escort Amsterdam service, then I am not authorized to be with him during the party, and I can talk to whoever I want.
This situation was not pleasant and generated a series of discussions with my customers.
I decided to avoid all the problems and will do what I am paid for, nothing more, nothing less.”
“I understand.
And what will you do if a customer buys the service?”
“Well, in that case, he will have the best party girl in history.
Thanks to the Parties Amsterdam escort service, my client will be the center of attention throughout the evening, and everyone will watch his escort, and he will be envied.
He will have 100% of my attention, and I will be faithful only to him, like a real GFE escort girl.”
“Very well, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.
Do you have any limitations on what you do in the
Party girl Amsterdam escort service?
We both know that the Amsterdam parties are transgressive, especially in Dam Square.”
“Yes, I have limitations, mainly because I am a professional, and I never want to lose control of the situation, also because I, during my work, represent the agency, and I want to do it in the best way.
I don’t drink alcohol.
I can drink a beer or an aperitif, but that’s enough.
I don’t want to get drunk and never care to do it.
I am a girl who rarely drinks, and I get drunk quickly.
I can’t risk feeling bad and vomiting in front of the customer.
I’m drunk, can’t keep my performance high, and the client can take excessive liberties.
Trust me, Daiana, it happened in the past and is not good.”
“Do not hesitate to report inappropriate behavior; your safety is our priority.”
“I don’t even take drugs, both while I work and during the holidays that I hang out on my days off.
I don’t hate drugs and can’t stand a client using cocaine before having sex with me.
I only use weed when I go to coffee shops.”
“We always make selections before accepting a booking, and you should never hesitate to report any unpleasant situations to us.
I will never tire of telling you, Corney.”
“I know, Daiana.
For all the rest, I have no particular problems.
I can dance all night, entertain clients, or attend various parties in clubs in Dam Square or other neighborhoods of Amsterdam’s nightlife.
I can handle customer requests during the Party Escort Girl Amsterdam Service, but the collaboration of all my clients is fundamental.
This way, we can avoid wasting time asking for services I do not perform.
So, dancing is OK, and it is hilarious, but no drugs and no alcohol.
If you’re looking for escort girls who do these things, I’m sorry, but I’m not the one you’re looking for.”
“I understand, Corney, don’t worry.
You are working excellently, and we are happy with your work.
Continue in this way, and you will never have problems.”
“Thanks, Daiana.”
The meeting is over.
So, if you want to attend a party but don’t have a companion, don’t worry; we are here for you!
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