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Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is basically a combination between the classic relaxation massage and the sexual pleasure you experience in the company of an escort girl who provides this service.
The world of massage knows several derivatives, and Nuru massage is in the area of eroticism, originating from Japanese culture, created and used for the many benefits it brings.

What is Nuru Massage?

The Nuru massage service represents more than relaxation, even if this escort service contributes to improving the client’s physical and mental health.
This service is part of sexual service and cannot be provided by a classic masseuse, because Nuru massage involves massage techniques performed with the help of the entire body of the escort girl.

What does “Nuru” mean?

The term “Nuru” originates in Japan and would be translated as “slippery”.
So in order to be done, with this Nuru massage escort service, it is practically mandatory that both bodies must be slippery.

Who can provide the Nuru massage escort service?

Nuru massageWhen you book a Nuru massage escort service, the escort girl will provide you with this service completely undressed, using aromatic oils that allow the two bodies, of the client and the escort girl, to glide smoothly.
This experience can be one of the most exciting and refreshing escort services, that a client can book together with a sexual completion service.
If you are thinking of booking a sexual service plus a Nuru massage session, you must know that the massage girl will use her body to introduce you to a world of ecstasy, so that the completion will be explosive.

How is the Nuru Massage escort service done?

The Nuru massage can be done on the bed in the hotel room with an Escort Amsterdam, Schiphol, Almere, or wherever you are in another city in the Netherlands and we can come to you. It is preferable to use a waterproof sheet to avoid soaking the mattress with oil.
As we have said, this Japanese erotic massage requires the escort girl masseuse to use her naked body to “walk” on the client’s naked body, and these sensations will stimulate and excite, but also relax the muscles.
After the two bodies will be covered with the oils, the escort girl will start to rub her body against the client’s body.
Practically, Nuru massage is based on different body-to-body techniques, where the female escort will perform exciting and invigorating body slides, which aim to relax the client’s body, taking him into the world of total pleasure.

Preparing the client for Nuru massage

Beluga Nuru massageBefore the massage girl arrives and the Nuru massage service begins, take a hot steam bath, which can increase the sensitivity of the skin sensors and implicitly the sensuality during the massage.
Choose to listen to music on mute. Surely an erotic massage playlist on YouTube will help you a lot so that both of you can enter this atmosphere of pleasure.
Also, weak light and a few candles or flavored sticks will increase libido and psychological pleasure.

Establishing visual contact between the client and the escort

In order for the Nuru massage experience to be intimate and pleasant, visual contact between the escort girl and the client is very important.
The Nuru massage service is mostly based on touching the skin and muscle massage.
However, apart from the sensual touches that the girl undertakes, the visual connection between the two will greatly increase the pleasure you feel.

Preparing the escort for Nuru massage

Nuru MassageProbably at first sight the preparation would seem to be less interesting, however, if you think about it, this step can be full of eroticism.
Like any process, the Nuru massage preparation is a very important step of this service, but also a kind of erotic prelude.
Comfort is an aspect that must be ticked so that you can sit comfortably in bed and admire the sight of the escort girl gently anointing her sensual body.
Surely an erotic massage playlist on YouTube will help you a lot for both of you to enter this atmosphere of pleasure.

Body massage using the Nuru massage technique

Nuru massage involves sliding the body in the shower and down, to the left and to the right, in which the female escort will focus on the muscles, back, legs and especially on the client’s buttocks.
Relaxation and well-being are must-haves, so remember to focus on the state of joy that this moment can offer you.
The escort girl will start massaging your body using the buttocks that make up that wonderful and appetizing ass that she possesses.
Using circular movements, the escort girl will move to all areas of the client’s body, trying to make him enjoy sensations that induce a certain state of sexual foreplay.
With the help of her palms, the massage girl will walk on the client’s back and bottom, putting a little pressure on the front part.

Erotic stimulation through Nuru massage

Being a sexual service, Nuru massage is extremely sensual and full of eroticism, as evidenced by the fact that it is very much in demand in the Divas Escorts Agency.
The escort girl will continue to use massage techniques, finally reaching and massaging the erogenous zones, activating strong sensations of pleasure.
The next phase of Nuru massage is the one in which the escort girl will walk her breasts on the client’s body, stimulating sensations of physical and mental pleasure through visual contact.
Of course, nothing compares to a girlfriend experience service, so if you are a follower of sensual romantic relationships, you can upgrade with a GFE service.

Nuru massage combined with other escort services

Being part of the girlfriend experience escort service, French Kissing is also a must-have when you want to go to another level of sensations with an escort girl.
Choose the escort girl with whom you want to try these services and spend a top afternoon, with the best Nuru massage escort girl masseuses.

Probably the most consumed escort service is oral sex, sometimes called the sexual act of blowjob, is a service as a sexual activity that can be integrated into the nuru massage session, because it involves the stimulation of the client’s genitals.

Location Where The Nuru Massage Escort Service Can Be Possible

Divas Escort Agency can serve its clients the best Nuru massage and a happy ending with one of the following escort services locations:
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