Couple Sex and Anal Sex Stories of Ellena and Beluga

Couple sex and Anal sex

Story escorts Couple sex and Anal sex

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Daiana, and I am the general manager of, the best escort agency in the city of Amsterdam. Our job is to select the best escort girls in the city and to provide you with an escort service of the highest level in all circumstances. We work to fulfill all your wishes.

My duties also include checking the quality of the service. I spend a lot of time meeting with my babes to understand what type of service is offered, what can be improved and if it is possible to offer something unique. I love these meetings and they allow me to discover the hidden sides of my girls.

There are services that are our best sellers, and that all customers ask our babes every day. Among these are the couple Amsterdam escort service and the anal sex Amsterdam escort service. They are services that allow our customers to realize some of their wildest fantasies and that they could not do in any other way. We are always delighted to be able to help our clients make their dreams come true, and therefore these services are offered by all the escorts of Divasamsterdam, the best escort agency in the city.

But I want to understand the approach girls have on these services, and today two escorts caught my attention, Escort Ellena, and Escort Beluga. Ellena has a beautiful cream-colored sweater, black pants, and white shoes, while Beluga has a blue dress, black knee-high boots, and jewelry. These two girls have been working here for some time, and today I am very interested in hearing their views on these services.

I want to start by talking to Ellena.

“Ellena, congratulations on your work with customers. You are getting a huge success, and we are all excited about your work. I noticed that your main extra service is the couple Amsterdam escort service. For what reason?”

“Thanks for the kind words, Daiana. The reason is simple, I am a girl who loves extreme situations and who is never afraid to try something new. I really like being surrounded by men or having sex with several people at the same time, and clients can really perceive this great passion of mine. I love being able to play with two cocks at the same time, and in the same way, I like to have sex with my friend escort with a lucky client.

In the couple Amsterdam escort service, there are many situations really unpredictable that can happen, and the adrenaline that I can try allows me to give maximum pleasure to the customer, who appreciates a lot and never complains. Believe me, Daiana, having group sex, is an experience that many dreams of doing, but only a few are lucky enough to really do it. But when you give a man the chance to do it, he will go crazy, and his true nature will come out, ready to make the most of the occasion. “

“Do you prefer to have sex with two clients at the same time, or to have sex with another woman?”

“For me, there are no big differences; in any case, I can get the most out of it. If I have to decide, however, I prefer to have sex with another girl, especially if she is a friend of mine. In this way, I can take advantage of our great bond and give life to something really very deep and erotic. There is nothing better than doing hot lesbian action with your best friend. “

“Wow, Ellena, you are very open-minded, I appreciate this attitude. Continue in this way, and you will become the queen of the escorts!”

“Thanks, Daiana.”

“Well, now I want to talk to Beluga. Many clients have told me that you have a golden sweet ass and that your anal sex Amsterdam escort service is perfect. Tell me about this service and how you use your ass to satisfy people.”

“I love anal sex, and I do it regularly even when I’m not working. I love the feeling I get by taking it into the ass and the feeling of energy that it can give me. In my anal sex Amsterdam escort service, I have anal sex with the client, and I can guarantee that anyone having sex with me will have the certainty of receiving the best anal sex of his life with a nice, toned ass and a very tight asshole. I love this service, and I get paid very well to do it, so I have no problem, and I’m happy. The price of the service is not absolutely cheap, but the customer will have top quality anal sex and lots of fun. “

“Do you use condoms for anal sex?”

“Obviously. I don’t give clients bareback, and I always use condoms and a lot of lubricants. The secret to my anal sex is to relax a lot and use a lot of oil during penetration. I can have anal sex for hours if the conditions are perfect and if the customer behaves in the best way. “

“What does the best way mean?”

“It means that the client is not violent and that he doesn’t want to try to dominate me. Sex is collaboration; it means sharing the same goal, which is to have a powerful orgasm whenever possible. And I can’t reach it with a violent person or that he doesn’t respect me. I hate slaps on my ass during the doggie style a lot; for example, they are annoying. “

“I understand. Do not hesitate to report all the unpleasant episodes that can happen with customers. Your safety is a priority for us. You can continue to take it up the ass as long as you want, everyone is satisfied with your anal sex.”

“Thanks, Daiana, it’s my favorite thing in the world!”

Our meeting is over. As a general manager, I couldn’t be happier to work with girls like Beluga and Ellena.

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