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Ellena Diva escort girl in Amsterdam

There are women who can influence the history of the world and become examples of behavior even for later generations. Marylin Monroe is definitely one of these women, and her story has greatly influenced our new Amsterdam escort babe Ellena, who decided to make Marylin’s look her own and also her mindset. In fact, our new Amsterdam escort babe Ellena is a true diva, who never accepts compromises and only demands maximum and excellence from all the people around her. Ellena is, in fact, a woman used to luxury, the best food, diamonds, luxurious clothes, and making love with the most passionate and tireless men in the world. Only those who belong to an elite of men have the honor and privilege of being able to have sex with this new Amsterdam escort babe named Ellena, and we can assure you that sex with her is really beautiful, it’s like having sex with a real Goddess of pleasure escort, able to reward every man for all the effort he puts into having sex with a Goddess at his best.
Want to have sex with the best that Amsterdam has to offer?
All right, you just need to contact Ellena, our Diva, and she will take you on a journey to a world of lust and perversion.


Ellena loves eating in luxurious restaurants, and this service allows all customers to spend time with her in the famous “Singel 101” restaurant. Ellena will wear her famous white dress (like that of Marylin Monroe), and you’ll fall in love with her immediately.
Don’t miss out on this service and book your Dinner Date with Ellena, the new Amsterdam escort babe immediately.


Ellena loves to visit Amsterdam and meet new places with you. This service will allow you to spend time with this beautiful escort babe in the trendiest clubs and venues in the city, such as in The Bulldog coffee shop. Even a Diva like Ellena needs to transgress by smoking weed and eating the space cake. Be careful, because Ellena has a high tolerance to weed, and it will be difficult for you to compete with this girl.
Accept her challenge and show that you are a real tough guy on an Amsterdam coffee shop tour!


Sex with the new Amsterdam escort babe Ellena is incredible. She is sweet, passionate, full of energy, and wants a man capable of taking her beyond her limits. We are sure that you are the right person for Ellena, and we recommend that you book a suite in the Hotel Libertè Amsterdam and have sex with Ellena all night, asking for all the extra services you want. Don’t be afraid to ask for strange or unusual fetish things, because Ellena does everything you want to achieve the maximum possible orgasm, and she loves so much to see your hot cumshot on her body. She is a Diva, but Ellena is also very transgressive.
Ellena has sex only with condoms made by the best brands.

WhatsApp +31651064278
Ellena Call Girl

7 reviews for “Ellena

Overall Rating: 5
    Fantastic service!

    By: Orlando | 1 year ago

    I had a fantastic meeting with Ellena. She is a stunningly beautiful girl. I can say that, in reality, she looks more beautiful than her pics: super fun babe and personable women. I will see her again. I recommend her 1000%

    Thank you for everything!

    By: Michael | 1 year ago

    Ellena arrived in my hotel room after my dinner at 8.00 pm, and she was like a hot summer. She was warm, always smiling, and very playful. Ellena was kind, her English is easy to talk to, and she is a sensual girl. I waited for her with a fresh bottle of champagne, and after a couple of drinks, I felt like good old friends. I made a booking with her for 3 hours with a girlfriend experience service, and her fantastic natural girlfriend experience made me felt like being with a long-time girlfriend.

    Nice escort service!

    By: Davide | 11 months ago

    I liked Ellena. Professional escort babe with good skills. Good girl on everything. I will contact you again, even if you will give me a discount for this feedback! :)))

    Friendly and nice girl!

    By: Steve | 9 months ago

    I called the agency, and I booked Ellena for a one-hour hotel visit while on a business trip to Amsterdam last week. Friendly personality and she is a whole conversation in English. Ellena is gorgeous and a curvy body to die for! Thank you highly recommended.

    Easy to book!

    By: Paul N | 8 months ago

    After a short conversation on WhatsApp, I was already sure that a meeting with Ellena will be awesome. It only took 4 messages to arrange a 2-hour meeting. She was polite, gentle, and professional in each of her replies! She already knew what I wanted! The meeting started at The Internet Cafe Coffeeshop as I wanted to get to know her a bit. I always felt awkward fucking girls that I knew nothing about. She was a very pleasant company and we had some interesting topics. ! First impressions were better than expected! Her photos are not lying, she looks hotter up close! After that, we went back to my place. She started with a deep wet blow job, licking and sucking my balls like a maniac! Followed by a nonstop 69! The sex started with a missionary position, with her long legs hugging me and her lips stuck on my mouth! The variation of positions was unimaginable. I think I will book her more often after this amazing session.

    Best Escort Ever

    By: Mike L. | 8 months ago

    It is true that Ellena asked me to leave this review, but after the experience I had with her, I really wanted to write these lines, because it is worth every second “lost” to write it.
    A rendezvous with Ellena is akin to a divine encounter, one that’s sure to leave an indelible mark on your memory.
    Her flawless physique is the epitome of perfection – she boasts a supple caramel complexion, delightfully firm B-cup breasts, an exquisitely sculpted posterior, and a delightful charm that’s irresistible.
    Ellena possesses the uncanny ability to instill comfort and ease almost instantly, making our time together an enduring memory I will cherish forever.
    Her skin is as soft as silk, and her eyes as captivating as a doe’s.
    Her welcome was so warm and genuine that it felt like reuniting with a long-lost lover.
    With an instinctive understanding of my desires, Ellena knew precisely how to cater to my needs without needing any directions.
    She seemed to intuitively understand my preferred positions, making our time together all the more enjoyable.
    The pleasure she bestowed with her exquisite skills left me feeling as if I had been launched into the stratosphere.
    Ellena introduced me to a world of sensual delights and positions I’d never imagined before.
    The question remains, how does she do that?
    To say that Ellena is a divine gift would be an understatement.
    Don’t be mistaken – Ellena derives as much pleasure from these meetings as her clients do.
    But she adds a touch more – a genuine warmth and an unwavering dedication to ensuring the utmost satisfaction in all services she provides.
    The spark in her eyes when I reached the pinnacle of pleasure will forever be etched in my memory.
    In retrospect, it felt like a divine encounter, a rendezvous with an angelic being.
    A once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s worth every penny and more.
    In all honesty, a 10/10 doesn’t do justice to the incredible experience that Ellena offers.

    Best erotic massage!

    By: Albert | 7 months ago

    My first visit to Amsterdam was marked by youthful exuberance, unadulterated fun, and a sense of freedom that was thoroughly refreshing.
    After a lively evening at a local club, I found myself in the throes of a primal desire that needed satiating.
    This led me to book Ellena, an escort whose allure was simply irresistible, from Divas Agency for two hours of massage and a more intimate experience.
    The conversation with the agency was smooth and professional, and they ensured that my needs were adequately addressed.
    At 3 a.m., in the serenity of my room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam, Ellena made her appearance.
    Discreet as I had requested, for my colleagues were none the wiser, she exuded an enticing mix of playfulness and seductive charm.
    Her services went far beyond what I had anticipated.
    Ellena was not only exceptionally attractive, with a provocatively delightful glance, but she was also spirited and engaging.
    It was a joy just to watch her, let alone be the recipient of her attention.
    Ellena invested herself completely in every act, seemingly relishing each moment as much as I did.
    Her oral sex was nothing short of divine – the mark of a woman who knows her craft and revels in the pleasure it brings.
    But her expertise wasn’t limited to just that – her erotic massage was an encounter of its own, a sensory delight that left me invigorated yet at ease.
    She truly is the queen of the carnal arts.
    Her erotic massage skills are unrivaled, and her oral sex prowess is something I’ll be reminiscing about for a long time.
    Thank you, guys!