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Youliana Diva escort girl in Amsterdam

Escort Amsterdam Youlliana

Youlliana Best Amsterdam Escort

Our girls all have an incredible body, the result of excellent nutrition, training, and genetic predisposition. Every girl has strengths, a part of the body that distinguishes her from all other Amsterdam escort babes, and in the case of the beautiful Youliana, she is definitely her ass.
The ass of Youliana is wonderful, a real work of art that all men love to see, touch, and kiss. One of the extra services that this hot escort offers is, in fact, the Anal Sex Amsterdam escort service, the service where you can have anal sex with this wonderful ass. Youliana knows that her ass is perfect and is not afraid to give it to all the customers who pay for this service. We can tell you that this is not the only escort Amsterdam extra service offered by this wonderful girl, who is not afraid to satisfy every request, even the strangest and fetish ones. Contact the beautiful Youliana and ask her for the list of escort extra services, and we are sure that you will immediately find what you are looking for.


Youliana loves to eat in Amsterdam restaurants, but only in those that serve organic food because this hot Amsterdam escort follows a rigorous diet. The ideal restaurant for her is the “Box Sociaal” in Amsterdam, where you can eat light and tasty dishes. Youlianna will wear a dress that will highlight her ass, and you will be excited all the time, we can bet! Order all the food you want, and concentrate on the beauty of the beautiful Youliana, and the time you will spend with her in the restaurant will be the best time of your life, we assure you!
Book your table in the restaurant, and use this service to spend an evening with Youliana.


What’s better than going around Amsterdam with a girl with a perfect ass? Nothing, and in fact, this is one of the most used services with the hot Amsterdam escort Youliana. You can visit any place in Amsterdam with this beautiful girl, who will wear tight jeans and you can touch her ass for as long as you want.
One place you can visit is definitely the Museumplein in Amsterdam, a place where you can spend quality time with this beautiful girl. Book the service immediately, because Youliana is waiting for your call with so much impatience!


Finally, you can have sex with this beautiful girl, and you can also choose whether to use the Anal Sex Amsterdam escort service with Youliana. First, think about what you want to do, and then immediately book a suite at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, where you and this hot Amsterdam escort can have the privacy you are looking for and do all the sex positions you want.
Get ready, because Youliana is a real porn star role play, and will take you to your limit!
Youliana only has sex with condoms.



8 reviews for “Youliana

Overall Rating: 4.9
    blow job

    By: Julio | 11 months ago

    I asked for a good whore who knows how to suck it well because I trust only blow job them, and they sent me Youliana. The girl really knows the job. thanks

    Great oral sex

    By: Victor | 10 months ago

    She made me a very intense and pleasant oral sex. It was interesting that she always looked me in the eye because I asked her this, and that excited me very much! Cheers

    Youliana girlfriend experience

    By: Sasha | 9 months ago

    I spent some intense hours in the company of this extraordinary woman. An excellent escort service, girlfriend experience with a woman who likes what she does, and does it with a smile on her lips! On the first day, it was challenging to make a reservation with her because she was not in Amsterdam, but I booked 3 hours with her for the next day. She stayed more than 5 hours after I made a booking with her for only 3 hours initially. Youliana is a goddess of love, and I will come back to her. I recommend her to those looking for quality.

    Friendly babe

    By: Sergio | 8 months ago

    Youliana is a very friendly babe. She has a perfect body, and the services were excellent. Thank you, bby!

    Excelend service!

    By: Harold | 6 months ago

    Youliana came into my room dressed with a sexy short red dress. She is a sexy sweet girl with a beautiful body, and she has soft, pleasant skin when you touch her. We spend three happy hours. Thank you, Diana, from the escort agency for a friendly advice service.

    Everything I ever wanted adn more

    By: Krakus K | 6 months ago

    Youliana did for me everything I wanted her to. She knows all the secrets for absolute pleasure and knows how to use them. She had a crazy effect on me. One of the most beautiful, sexy, and seductive escorts that I have met in Amsterdam so far. I asked her to meet me in a nice red dress and she did as I asked. At our meeting, she was wearing the sexiest red dress I have ever seen. I intended to chat with her for a little more, however, seeing how sexy she actually looks I could not help myself. So I asked her to go to my place and proceed to action as soon as possible. Overall, she gives an amazing bj, and her french kissing skills are top quality. The actual sex is crazy good too. She is very tight and everything feels amazing. 10/10 would recommend her.

    Top escort service

    By: Kolbjorn | 4 months ago

    Experiencing Youlliana was nothing short of extraordinary.
    This escort girl encompasses a blend of kindness and passion that is unrivaled, a unique fusion I’ve never had the fortune to experience before now.
    Her professionalism was evident, creating an environment where I instantly felt at ease and welcomed, a testament to her expertise in this domain.
    Youlliana is a perfect blend of intellect and allure.
    Her captivating mind is matched by her breathtaking prowess in the bedroom.
    Her focus was solely on me, making me the center of her universe, a rare and gratifying escort experience.
    What struck me the most was how Youlliana transcended her photographs.
    She was more stunning in person, a fact that bordered on the unbelievable, yet it was unmistakably true.
    Her charm and beauty are far more than what mere photographs can capture, making her presence a delightful surprise.
    In a world full of temporary pleasures, Youlliana stands out like a rare gem.
    So, I implore you to treat her with kindness and respect that she deserves.
    Meeting her left me elated, filling me with joy and satisfaction that I struggle to put into words.
    This exceptional lady is truly unforgettable.
    Love you Youliana!

    Top sexual skills!

    By: Tommy | 4 months ago

    Amsterdam had long been a city on my bucket list, and last month, I finally got to delve into its delights as a tourist.
    It’s a haven for pleasure seekers, a place where even the police allow you to enjoy yourself, within reason, of course.
    I spent my days exploring the city’s numerous clubs and coffee shops, fully immersed in the vibrant atmosphere Amsterdam is so famous for.
    One evening, around 11 PM, I found myself browsing through escort profiles on Divas, my desires stirred and my hormones running wild.
    My eye landed on Youliana, and my interest was immediately piqued.
    Anticipating an intense night of passion, I booked her for a 3-hour session, with a rough play initially, followed by an erotic massage and concluding with an exceptional blowjob experience.
    By midnight, Youliana arrived at the Airbnb boat apartment I had rented, as scheduled.
    The discretion I had requested was respected, setting the stage for an intimate night of unadulterated pleasure.
    Youliana’s sensual services exceeded all my expectations.
    She took my needs into consideration and delivered an experience that was satisfying beyond words.
    Every touch was purposeful, every movement calculated to bring the utmost pleasure.
    The raw intensity of our connection was heightened by the erotic massage she administered with such finesse.
    But the crowning glory of the evening was undoubtedly her skill in oral pleasuring.
    Like a true queen, she ruled the realm of oral stimulation, sending waves of intense pleasure coursing through my body.
    Each moment was a crescendo of ecstasy, culminating in a climax that left me thoroughly sated.
    The night with Youliana was a sensual journey like no other.
    She is, indeed, the true queen of intimate sex pleasures, and her skills in both the erotic arts and the art of erotic massage are simply unparalleled.
    This Amsterdam experience will forever remain etched in my memory.