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Red Light Escort Babe Kristina AmsterdamHowdy!
In the last ten years, I come quite often to Amsterdam, several times a year, (it is understandable that less during the sad period of lockdown).
I have used sex services in the Red light district in the past, but it is not the kind of sex service that I want to “consume”.
I don’t really leave reviews and I’m not very active, not even on booking or google maps, but now I’ll break the ice with a review 🙂
Once I arrived in Amsterdam (I’m from Germany) and after an unforgettable party in the Shelter Amsterdam Club, euphoric and stimulated by the sexual fantasies that were flying through my head, like airplanes at Schiphol airport, I decided to call an escort in the room of the hotel where I was staying in the Holiday Inn Express Hotel.
I had a few saved ads of several escort agencies in Amsterdam, but that evening, something made me choose Kristina’s ad from Divas Escorts.
I called and a warm and amiable voice answered.
I knew it wasn’t Kristina, because you couldn’t talk directly to the escort girl before, but I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful attitude with which the operator spoke to me.
We discussed the details about the prices, and I confirmed that it is ok for him to come for 3 hours, and if he could arrive in 45 – 50 minutes, during which time I managed to get to the room and take a shower.
Kristina arrived at the door in about an hour, which was perfect for me.
She is a sociable and extremely nice young lady.
The action itself was like the book from my point of view.
I opted for some extra services, of course with a substantial extra cost, I won’t talk about the prices because I don’t want to be a jerk (girlfriend experience, unprotected oral, spitting, licking, sucking, 69 and Deep Throat).
The lesson I have learned over time is that if I want to receive quality service from an escort, I must be prepared to pay the money that would make an escort happy.
Happy wife, happy life also applies here. Happy escort happy customer!!!
Kristina was very attentive to my erogenous and sensitive areas, and she got involved 100% as I would have wanted.
I changed a few positions and went back to unprotected oral with a light deep throat, just the way I like it. I then finished on the breasts, a fantasy of mine that gives me unique sensations.
I drank a glass, smoked a joint, and moved on to the second round.
It should be appreciated that it is a ready escort, very clean, without other smells that I have experienced twice, once in Germany and once in Spain ;).
Everything was superlative

Girl: 10 (she’s really an escort, asks, gets involved, and looks good too)

Oral: 10 (a deep throat and 69, done with 100% involvement, distributed attention, and she looked me in the eyes with a horny look, when she performed each movement)

Normal Sex: 9 (He fucks well, but the fact that he sucked me so well, I scored normal sex with 9)

GFE: 10 (kissing, caressing, licking is involved, a GFE of 10)

Anal sex: I don’t know, I didn’t ask, but I think it’s possible as an extra service.

I personally recommend her with confidence, whoever wants to try Kristina’s escort services, from my point of view, can do it 100% with confidence.
After that action, I felt as if I had been to an older girlfriend, with whom I had a sex game that I have never forgotten.
I did NOT feel rushed at all, and he was patient with me, even when I was left-handed.
I have NOT seen her look at the clock or draw your attention that you have little time left, as I have met with several girls.
It should be emphasized that Kristina showered between numbers, I repeat, this is the reason why I said she is very clean!
I think Kristina is the perfect choice for GFE lovers!
She is truly a TOP escort, now I don’t know what escorts are in Amsterdam, but at least compared to many other girls I met, Kristina is a TOP escort!
If it was in Frankfurt am Main, I would subscribe to it 😉
I admit that I paid something for extra services, but the price-quality is worth every euro spent!