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Unforgettable Moments with Escort Valerya

A Review By: Bengan P.!

Selfie callgirl in Hotel Valerya escort AmsterdamThe summer holidays with my family are over this year :)).
I don’t just want to say that I love Amsterdam, but I really love life in Amsterdam.
It’s true that on vacations at the beach, I find it beautiful, but Amsterdam is freedom brother, here I really feel like I live without limits.
I had a fantastic city break in Amsterdam last week, and I want to share a story about it.
To give a bit of context, I am sort of a nerdy guy who likes to have fun but always has had a bit of trouble with women.
To be more specific, I find it very hard for me to commit to serious relationships.
This is a problem cuz in my country has a very conservator mentality and it’s hard to find hook-ups.
So you can imagine that when I came to Amsterdam I had to fuck some girls.
This is how I met Valerya, on the Divas Escort Agency website. She was simply stunning.
A very pretty face, tall, slim with big boobs. However, I did not want just 30 minutes fuck.
I craved something more.
As I was feeling a bit lonely lately I needed some affection and human connection.
This is why I booked the GFE escort service for 3 hours, I thought that would is enough.
Later I would realize that 3 hours with this amazing babe just flew by so fast so I booked her 2 more times during my stay.
I’ll tell you about my first encounter with escort Valerya.
I was staying at the Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam, an amazing place.
Beautiful room, amazing personnel, and a bar in the hotel, everything I could have ever asked for.
I booked this babe Valerya a few days ago, via WhatsApp.
I chatted with the agency about some escort services, and I agreed that these are extra services that I have to pay separately in agreement with Valerya.
I know what the escort service means and every time I am prepared because I know as well as a good escort service will make me happy, but it must be paid for properly.

She arrived at my door in under 45 minutes after I confirmed the room number after checking in, I was very pleased by this as I was very excited.
She was wearing a nice black dress that was showing a bit of skin, but nothing too crazy.
She presented herself and hugged me very tightly, probably the nicest hug I have received in years.
As I booked her services for 3 hours we did not go into action straight away.
We went to the hotel’s bar to get some cocktails, I went for some negronis and she chose some fancy drinks with names I don’t remember.
We spoke a lot, for an hour and a half. She is a very outgoing girl and a good listener.
I got so carried away with her.
At some point I was talking about some personal problems with her, yes, I was feeling that comfy with her.
As my story got a bit sad she grabbed my hand and kissed me out of nowhere.
This melted my heart. I felt like I was on a very intimate date with the love of my life.
After that, she proposed that we get back to my room for some action.
We got in the room and jumped in the shower.
She helped me wash in a very sensual and romantic way, kissing me all over my body, especially on my neck.
She wanted to give me a bj in the shower but I could not restrain myself any longer, I had to fuck her.
So we fucked in the shower.
Slow and with intense eye contact.
As the shower was not the best place to fuck I lifted her and put her on the sink.
It was an amazing view as the bathroom was full of mirrors that offered an amazing perspective.
She was moaning in my ear and talking dirty to me.
That turned me on even more.
We agreed to give up the sink for the king-sized bed for the room.
There we made 69 for like 20 minutes and then she proceeded to ride my dick.
She has a lot of experience as she was moving very intensely.
When I was about to cum she started giving me a godly bj until I finished all over her face.
Seeing her covered in my cum was hot as fuck.
As we had another 30 left of our encounter we went for a quick shower.
We spent the last 20 minutes of that session cuddling naked in bed, kissing, holding hands, and telling jokes.
She knows some very good jokes. 3 hours passed so fast, I was quite sad when it ended and she had to go.
I ended up booking her 2 more times, however, this is another story.
Valerya offered me the best GFE in Amsterdam, I’m sure about it.
I know it’s not nice to say how much money I paid Valerya, but she was certainly satisfied as I was, and that’s all that matters for both parties.
Thank you very much!