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Valerya is a high-class and style escort, with raven feather-colored hair that naturally possesses a pair of sensual and appetizing breasts.
Divas Escorts Agency is proud to work with Valerya, one of our exclusive escorts in our high-class escort agency in Amsterdam.
If you are looking for a top escort with a verified escort, we suggest you discover our extraordinary charm girl Valerya Escort.
She is a great escort in Amsterdam, prepared with top services for pretentious gentlemen.
Even if it is an hour, two, or a whole night you will surely have the hottest and sexiest company.
With a pair of seductive eyes and a sexy smile that promises so much, escort Valerya will make you want to explore her in the most hidden places of her body.
Valerya can be the escort, a woman of your dreams that you have always wanted, and who will treat you in a special and irresistible way.
If you wanted an escort that the gentlemen from Amsterdam already appreciate, with a very passionate, friendly, and warm side, Valerya is the girl you need.
No matter how much time you want to spend in the company of this escort, you will surely enjoy her company, and time will never be enough.
Immersed in the exclusive world of high-class escorts in Amsterdam, Valerya is a glittering gem that radiates passion and allure. Her raven-feather hair cascades down in gentle waves, framing a face adorned with sparkling eyes, full of promises and secrets.
Possessing an irresistibly appealing physique, she stands as the epitome of feminine allure with her sensuous curves and tantalizingly appetizing breasts.
At Divas Escorts Agency, we take immense pride in having Valerya grace our roster.
Her charm and elegance have solidified her place among the most distinguished and sought-after escorts in Amsterdam, serving our esteemed clientele with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm.
When you find yourself yearning for an exceptional encounter, look no further than Valerya.
Her assortment of top-tier escort services is curated to cater to the most discerning of gentlemen.
Every moment spent in her company will unravel new levels of pleasure and intimacy.
Her seductive gaze and enticing smile serve as gateways to a world of hidden desires, drawing you in to explore the depths of sensuality.
Valerya is more than just an escort.
She is the embodiment of the perfect companion, someone who goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.
Her warm demeanor and passionate personality have won the hearts of many gentlemen in Amsterdam, earning her a reputation of being a friendly, warm, and above all, irresistibly tempting companion.
Regardless of the duration of your rendezvous, Valerya guarantees an experience filled with excitement, passion, and ecstasy.
From a brief encounter to a night-long escapade, her presence will make each moment memorable, leaving you yearning for more.
So why wait?
Allow yourself the privilege of an unforgettable date with Valerya, one of the most esteemed and coveted escorts in Amsterdam.
Send us an whatsapp message, and we will facilitate an encounter that is sure to leave an indelible mark on your senses.
Contact us for an unforgettable date in the company of Escort Valerya, one of the most coveted best escorts in Amsterdam.

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A testimonial posted by Bengan P.: Unforgettable Moments with Escort Valerya!

WhatsApp +31651064278
Valerya Call Girl

12 reviews for “Valerya

Overall Rating: 5
    The best gfe ever

    By: Andrew K | 2 years ago

    She was a great girl. Best service!

    Dream moments with Valerya

    By: Markus B | 2 years ago

    I am a pretty shy guy to be honest. However, I always loved smoking hot brunettes. This is why I have chosen Valerya for my sexual needs. She is a very beautiful hooker and i loved her services list. I went for a standard package. I was sourprise to see that her taxi was included in the price of the service, that’s a very good thing.
    She arrived at my apartment, looking absolutely stunning, i couldn’t wait to get in her pants and go berserk on that pussy. She was very clean and she had a smell of expensive perfume. We had a little chat to brake the ice and went straight to bussines. That was one of the most amazing sex sessions of my life. She left me take the lead and everything happened im my pase, without any rush. Thanks to her I feel more confident about myself and my sexual skills.

    Perfect sex

    By: Harry S | 2 years ago

    After a short conversation on WhatsApp, I was already sure that a meeting with Valerya will be awesome. It only took 4 messages to arrange a 2-hour meeting. She was polite, gentle, and professional in each of her replies! She already knew what I wanted! The meeting started at The Internet Cafe Coffeeshop as I wanted to get to know her a bit. I always felt awkward fucking girls that I knew nothing about. She was a very pleasant company and we had some interesting topics. ! First impressions were better than expected! Her photos are not lying, she looks hotter up close! After that, we went back to my place. She started with a deep wet blow job, licking and sucking my balls like a maniac! Followed by a nonstop 69! The sex started with a missionary position, with her long legs hugging me and her lips stuck on my mouth! The variation of positions was unimaginable. I think I will book her more often after this amazing session.

    best escorts in europe

    By: Hans | 2 years ago

    Hi guys.
    I’m Hans, and I come quite often to Amsterdam for business.
    I first crossed paths with Valerya during my initial trip to the amazing city of Amsterdam.
    Since then, whether I’m in town for business or pleasure, I always make time and set aside a few hours just to meet her.
    For me, Valerya is, without a doubt, one of the best escorts in Amsterdam, probably also because my wife being a very serious blonde, I started preferring brunettes.
    Valerya is extremely polite, really pleasant, and her beauty is stunning – a perfect figure complemented by an equally perfect breast.
    Every meeting with her seems to make me feel like I’m walking into a dream.
    She is active and enthusiastic in bed, always making sure I have the time of my life for this pleasure.
    Moreover, she is incredibly intelligent, one of the few who can match her beauty with her brains.
    When I write this, I am aware that I am subjective, but she has something that stimulates certain pleasures in my brain.
    I think it’s clear to see why I value her escort services so much.
    Among them, GFE tops the list.
    She effortlessly slides into the role of a wild and badass girlfriend, and it drives me crazy.
    If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, I highly recommend booking a few hours with Valerya.
    It is an experience not to be missed.
    Kiss you Valerya!!!

    Thank you!

    By: Kajid S | 2 years ago

    A big thank you for another great evening Valerya! I will not go into too much detail as I do not feel comfortable sharing with the internet what I am doing in the bedroom. However, I can tell you that Valerya is one of the few escorts that managed to fully satisfy my sexual needs. She is very kind and open-minded. She agreed to fantasies that no one ever did before. She looks amazing, almost like a pornstar but I can’t remember the name. Also, she gives the most amazing erotic massage that you can find in all of Amsterdam. Thank you again for helping me relax and giving me the best fucks of my life.

    My first come on tits!

    By: Suresh | 2 years ago

    I have to say; May God give happiness and good health to Valerya’s mother 🥂, she is truly a beautiful and educated woman.
    I contacted the escort agency and made an appointment on whatsapp, quite communicative and punctual.
    I made the reservation for 09.00 pm in my rented room at the W Amsterdam Hotel.
    I don’t think there’s any point in describing Valerya’s physical appearance, because she has quite explicit pictures, what you see here is what you find, maybe the tits are a little bigger.
    Valerya is a relaxed girl with positive energy that makes you easily overcome the emotions of a meeting with an escort.
    She came with beautiful make-up and a sexy outfit, wearing heels that put her physique in a very good light.
    I was so excited when I saw her that she didn’t even have to butt her head with me too much because after a few caresses and by her attitude, I could already feel how my little one was twitching.
    I asked her to start with oral sex, which was a very good one, a technique that not many escorts have, with the dick walking between her fine jaws, then he took it out of her mouth and slapped her cheeks from the outside, in while looking provocatively into my eyes, making the hair on my hands stand up.
    She licked my balls with a lot of saliva, a big plus in oral sex for me because I like it when it slides and I like not to feel that the tongue is rough.
    If she messed around a bit with me, I would finish straight from oral sex, a performance not very difficult to achieve in my case, especially when I like it so much.
    There were also some deepthroat attempts, but without forcing the note either, even if I felt that she had potential in this direction.
    I couldn’t miss a fuck between those beautiful tits, which she smeared with coconut oil before, so I thought I caught God by the legs when I watched her spin and she was looking into my eyes as if she wanted me to devour her.
    During normal sex, he uses a lubricant, but it also moistens naturally, you can quietly fuck your ass as you want.
    The way things were going between us, and how well Valerya was doing, it didn’t last long either.
    I fired two positions and was finished.
    The way the meeting went, I’m surprised I survived those two.
    I chose to finish on the tits because I couldn’t miss such an opportunity with her on the edge of the bed on my knees and me on the bed also on my knees.
    Contact method: Whatsapp.
    I don’t know his working hours, but he works late for clients he knows. We can enjoy it until the end of August.
    Oral: 9.5.
    Normal: 9.5.
    FC: 9
    Anal: I don’t know if it does, I’m not into it.
    GFE: 9 being the first date was more than enough.
    Hygiene: 10, tidy, made up, perfumed, no suspicious smell. I didn’t get to 69 to be able to pronounce myself from this point of view.
    She works more through the west, which shows in her demeanor and attitude. I also specified that I don’t know what they do outside, but the attitude of an escort who works in the West is 10 classes higher than those who work only around the country.
    I recommend Valerya and wish her easy and peaceful meetings in Amsterdam.
    Cheers guys and wish you only beautiful girls with a positive attitude like Valerya!!!

    Good fuck!

    By: Samuel M. | 2 years ago

    I agree with everything Suresh said above… I am not good with such long and detailed compositions and in general, I don’t really leave reviews either…, but this time I want to say that Valerya is an escort girl of note 10 in all chapters… Well done Valerya, you are my weakness that I have been following for several months…
    I recommend her with all confidence!


    By: Francis T. | 2 years ago

    Valerya came directly to my place which worked great for me as I am a very busy person. She was dressed sexy as fuck, I still remember her nice red dress which had me crazy. She smelled like a bed full of roses, she told me the name of her perfume but I don’t remember it. She also tasted delicious from head to toe. As I love to lick my partner all over the place I appreciated that. Her attitude was amazing and was friendly and kind throughout. She delivered an excellent performance. For me that felt more like making love with a partner than sex with a hooker, This is the level of professionalism that she displayed in front of me. I wish I could find more escorts here in Amsterdam that are more like Valerya. Anyway, great experience, 9/10

    Extraordinary Valeriya, best FK!

    By: Frank | 1 year ago

    If I could say something about my meeting with Valerya, this word would be “unforgettable”.
    I admit that I was skeptical, and I chose another escort girl the first evening when I arrived in Amsterdam.
    However, when I met Valerya, everything changed.
    Initially, I booked her for an hour, some kissing, a blow job, and a normal completion.
    Her attitude and her positivity as a feline lured me into her erotic game.
    She convinced me to extend her stay at my place until the morning.
    I haven’t had these feelings of a young man and full of life for years.
    I almost felt sorry that I had a plane to the USA the next day and I knew I wouldn’t see her again, at least not soon.
    I don’t know if it was just about sex here, at least not for me.
    I know it’s a professional relationship here, the client and the escort.
    I’m not such an idiot to fall in love, but I think these were the feelings I experienced with Valerya.
    Best french kissing ever, a real girlfriend experience.
    Thank you for these teenage emotions.

    Great service!

    By: Remi | 1 year ago

    Valerya arrived at my hotel room, looking stunningly beautiful.
    Her warm smile eased my nerves instantly.
    We had a nice talk, making the room feel more intimate.
    Her escort service was top-notch, her touch gentle yet passionate, leaving me breathless.
    The evening with her was a blend of comfort and intense pleasure, exceeding all my expectations, the best sex ever.
    The GFE service she offered was a symphony of emotional intimacy and carnal delight, a dance of sensual synchronicity that made me feel deeply connected to her.
    As the evening wound down, her comforting presence lingered, a sweet reminder of an unforgettable encounter.
    Valerya’s exceptional escort service was a perfect blend of sophistication, genuine connection, and intoxicating pleasure.
    A truly unforgettable experience.
    Thank you!

    Best GFE Valerya

    By: Henry | 10 months ago

    It’s hard to find the right words to describe my encounter with this escort.
    I meet Valerya a few days ago in the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.
    My name’s Henry and I must mention first that her pictures are absolutely real and she’s breathtakingly beautiful in person.
    Her eyes are captivating and she boasts a posterior like no other I’ve come across.
    Our two hours together were some of the most memorable moments of my life.
    She surpassed every expectation and I eagerly anticipate our next meeting.
    The thought of her occupies my dreams.
    Should she ever want to get in touch, she’s welcome, but if not, I’ll certainly reach out to the agency upon my return to Amsterdam.
    Valerya, you have my heart.

    Great sex!

    By: Chris | 10 months ago

    I recently had the pleasure of spending an unforgettable night in Amsterdam with the fiery brunette, Valerya.
    Booking her through Divas agency was smooth and straightforward, setting the tone for what would be an exceptional experience.
    From the moment Valerya stepped through the door of my suite at the Ibis Amsterdam, I was captivated.
    Her intoxicating aura of sensuality was matched only by the smoldering look in her eyes that spoke volumes about her insatiable desire.
    Valerya is not just any escort; she is a passionate lover who indulges in wild, uninhibited sex.
    Our encounter was electrifying, filled with raw passion and a primal connection that echoed with every touch, every gasp, every shiver of pleasure.
    The look of delight on her face as we explored each other’s bodies was a testament to her genuine love for what she does.
    Despite her ferocious appetite in the bedroom, Valerya is more than just her sexual prowess.
    Her personality is just as enticing, warm, and as fiery as her passionate disposition.
    Engaging and confident, she has the knack of making you feel comfortable, yet excited, from the moment she enters the room.
    In the realm of Amsterdam’s escorts, Valerya stands out as a beacon of raw sensuality and unapologetic passion.
    She leaves an indelible impression that will have you longing for more.
    My encounter with her was more than just a service; it was a wild, fiery dance of passion that I will cherish forever.
    Thank you my lioness!