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I consider myself a gentleman, a little shy, with quite a high self-esteem, but who does not get into discussions too quickly.
That’s probably why my relationships with women and getting to know them are not part of my talent.
I had a conference last week, and some meetings with some of my clients in Amsterdam.
Upon my arrival in Amsterdam, I took a taxi in front of the airport and went to the hotel to check in.

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After ticking off this must-do, I started exploring the city, which was great fun.
The next day after I solved some of my chores, I decided to call on the services of an escort.
I decided together with the escort agency, that she should come to my hotel room at 19.00.
After we discussed the details, of a girlfriend experience service that I wanted, we started the adventure.
In fact, I wanted the escort to play the role of a girl I obstinately knew on the street.
I sent the entire scenario by email to the escort agency, and when the escort girl Anusha, came to me, she already knew what she had to do.
I talked for 20-30 minutes with Anusha, the escort girl, at the hotel bar, then I decided that she should go out on the street, after which I would also go out, to implement the plan.

I still wanted to get to know each other a little bit before, so as not to risk that the emotions that try me sometimes, spoil my fantasy.
While walking down the street and admiring the beautiful buildings, I met Anusha, my future girlfriend, to whom I smiled and asked her where the Museum was.
She smiled at me as if she had known me for a lifetime, “surprisingly” she took my hand and said she would like to go with me to introduce him to me.
At first, I felt intimidated, when he took my hand and then jumped into my arms, especially when he started kissing my neck.
Clearly, this bold gesture caused some fear in me, but also a strong desire to spend more time with her at the same time.
I was lucky to be in Amsterdam, where “girlfriend experience” services are the order of the day.
I am very happy about this scenario, mainly because I found a charming company for me, a beautiful escort, who offered me this service, in whose company I could try this fantasy.
After visiting Amsterdam a little, we agreed together to spend the remaining time of the 4 hours reserved, in the beautifully decorated room of the Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam Hotel.
We spent hours together talking, laughing, and exploring our bodies.
But the funniest thing was when Anusha, my new girlfriend, pretended to be mad at me for not taking her to a romantic dinner, and then laughed and teased me saying that she was just practicing her acting skills.
I enjoyed this fantasy of mine to the fullest, and the “girlfriend experience” was really a fun and funny way to spend my free time with my girlfriend, and to enjoy this beautiful city, Amsterdam.
The sexual service with Anusha was more pleasant than I had hoped, but for me, this fantasy is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.
As I said, I’m a shy guy, but with Anusha, everything seemed so simple.
If I didn’t know it was a professional escort service, I would have thought she was in love with me.
I would like to say that the service was a 20, but you can deduce that Anusha was at least a 10 with congratulations.