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Valentina Diva escort girl in Amsterdam

Valentina, the gorgeous escort lady! The perfect escort lady for customers who wants to have a great night of sin!
Only very few girls manage to be so sensual that people fall in love at first sight, and Valentina is one of these girls. She is an escort lady with a perfect body, with long legs, a perfect breast, a magnetic ass, and a shaved pussy!
When our recruiters saw Valentina in the last casting, they immediately realized that she was a girl with a particular magnetism and an innate talent for this job.

Escort Amsterdam Valentina

Valentina immediately entered our escort directory, and our clients really appreciated this beautiful girl and her escort extra services.
The extra services are the way Valentina makes every meeting with customers unique. All the girls can have sex and blowjobs, but only a few manage to realize all the wishes of the customers and to amaze them with something new, and Valentina has this unique gift. Sex with her is always different, intense, spectacular, unforgettable. You will no longer be able to live without the beautiful Valentina and her love skills.
Book a night with her immediately, and your life will change forever. You are the escort lady you were waiting for!


This is one of Valentina’s main services. You will have the pleasure of dining with this wonderful escort lady in one of the most famous restaurants in Amsterdam, the “Zaza’s” restaurant. The restaurant is Valentina’s favorite, and this choice will put her in a good mood throughout the evening. You can also choose her outfit for the evening, and she will do her best to satisfy your request.
Don’t worry about anything, just think about enjoying the company of this wonderful escort girl and living an unforgettable evening thanks to this service. You will discover that dinner can be incredibly erotic, along with the beautiful Valentina.


Want to visit a place in Amsterdam but don’t want to go there alone? No problem, because the beautiful Valentina is always happy to visit Amsterdam, the city she loves. For example, you can visit the Royal Palace with the queen of the escorts lady, who will wear a beautiful dress and will satisfy you with everything you want.
Valentina can also accompany you on business trips throughout the Netherlands, just communicate it with proper notice!


Nobody can resist the desire to have sex with Valentina, and we’re sure that you’ll want to have sex with her as soon as possible, right? Well, you can do it whenever you want if you book a suite at the Ibis Amsterdam hotel, and choose this service from the beautiful Valentina.
You can customize it with many extra services, like a hot striptease, anal sex, cumshot, sex toys, and much more. Valentina has a great bag of tricks she loves to use with clients, and we are sure she will leave you speechless!
The beautiful escort lady only has sex with condoms, even oral sex. Valentina loves washing before and after sex and loves education.
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Valentina Call Girl

14 reviews for “Valentina

Overall Rating: 5
    The girl was just perfect!

    By: John | 1 year ago

    I book a gorgeous woman and finally finding myself in Amsterdam I’ve come to realize that the girl was a perfect match. I booked Valentina well in advance and Diana sent me the girl. The next day I wanted Valentina to come with Sara too, but unfortunately, she was not available. I hope next time will enjoy them at the same time.
    Thank you for the best service!

    Stuning babe!

    By: Beppe | 1 year ago

    Last week I had my first meeting with an escort :). It was stunning that last Thursday, I turned 22 years old, and I wanted for some time experience like this, especially since I have an online business with sex toys, and it stimulates my imagination every time I work on my site :). Valentina was very kind to me. I asked for a girlfriend experience service because I need the person next to me to be more malleable to have sex with her. Otherwise, my problem is that I get inhibited quickly. An unforgettable experience, I do not know if I will return soon to Amsterdam, but Valentina is a girl you can not forget after you are with her, at least I will always remember her!

      By: admin | 1 year ago

      First of all, we wish you many, many happy and happy years Beppe! Valentina told us that you are an adorable and very educated young man and she will certainly not forget you soon. If you go through Amsterdam, Valentina will be available for you at any time even if she won’t work for us that day 🙂

    Valentina perfect meeting!

    By: George | 1 year ago

    I don’t write reviews very much, I don’t understand words, but my experience with Valentina was perfect. I come quite often to Amsterdam, but I only saw Valentina when I was last time there, and I wanted to try an experience, a kind of secret lover that I have long wanted to have. Valentina is a sweet girl with an angel appearance, but with a devilish smile and fleshy lips. A unique experience that I want to repeat as soon as possible. Thank you so much, Valentina. I hope to see you soon!

    Great Experience!

    By: Alberto D | 1 year ago

    Beautiful moments spent with Valentina, an amazing lady. Valentina is lovely in reality and a positive and unique character. I contacted Daiana, the operator of the Divas Amsterdam Agency, by e-mail and telephone a few weeks before the scheduled evening. Valentina is a gorgeous, slim, attractive escort and has a great personality. A 10 plus note service. Thanks, Daiana, for the assistance!

    Best girl in Amsterdam!

    By: Dan | 1 year ago

    I had some beautiful moments in the company of this stunning girl but also well educated Valentina. I called the agency, and they told me that she would be arriving in an hour, and from the moment she entered my hotel room, she was very friendly, and I felt like I was waiting for an old girlfriend witch I had not seen for a while. I recommend the service of girlfriend experience but also oral sex without a condom because Valentina is a teacher in this art of oral sex. Best of the best, thank you!

    Valentina made my day!

    By: Martin | 1 year ago

    Met her yesterday and Valentina was a very natural girl, kind and verry beautiful, she was full of energy, and she made my day perfect one. Thank you, guys!

    Inteligent, sexy and hot!

    By: Luigi | 1 year ago

    Hello, boys and girls :). I met Valentina last week and still can’t forget those unique and intense moments. The way it makes you feel when you are in her company, her sexy touches, but also sensual looks are full of desire. Valentina is a beautiful woman, but she is also intelligent, and you can talk to her almost anything. I made a reservation for 2 hours, but I extended another 3 hours because I felt great with her, and time flew so fast. Valentina is a woman to take home for a lifetime :). Thank you, my darling, for your time!

    Great experience!

    By: Jonas | 12 months ago

    Valentina has a lovely smile, and she is a kind person. A very receptive girl for the guest’s needs and desires, and she was always focused on my satisfaction. Se stayed with me for an hour. Great experience. Thank you!

    Hello I am in Amsterdam now

    By: Megan | 11 months ago

    I am at Sheraton can you please com now?

    Divine escort

    By: Mircea Marcus | 10 months ago

    Valentina is a very nice and hot escort I found on my wild adventures in Amsterdam. When she first entered my hotel room I could feel the air changing. The whole room was enveloped with amazing sweet perfume and the sexual tension was instantly starting to build up. I could not wait to get in her pants. She has an amazing body shape, clearly, she does a lot of work out. She speaks English very well and we had no problem understanding each other. Most importantly, she wants to please you, to satisfy you. And she does it with pleasure and professionalism. I have to say that Valentina is one of the best escorts I have met in Amsterdam. I wish I could take her with me on my trips around Europe but that would prove very expensive, even for myself.

    Best fucking babe in Amsterdam!

    By: Sasha P. | 9 months ago

    I haven’t done a decent review in a long time, but I wanted to do it to this young lady, honestly, would be a big sin if I did not.
    I’ll try to limit myself to the strictly necessary, I won’t go into too many details because I don’t really feel like typing for hours.
    I called the escort agency Divas, in the afternoon, I scheduled after 6 pm to come to De L’Europe Amsterdam Hotel, where I was staying.
    She arrived around 6.15 pm, and to my amazement, the girl is the one in the pictures.
    I paid her and I asked her to take a shower first, and what I liked was that the girl came out of the shower well-groomed, perfumed herself nicely, neither too much nor too little and started with a great oral sex.
    In a few moments, I was stronger than the barrel of a war tank.
    We could switch to normal sex, but the girl was very involved in the oral sex, and I liked it very much, and I wanted to feel that bestial oral as well.
    What can I say, the girl looks good and moves well and is very porno.
    She proved me instantly after only 15 minutes of relaxation, I took a resanitizing shower again, she did the same, the same oral super changed 2-3 positions and finished again in a condom, I wanted a CIM/COF but it was not possible (another extra service and extra pay).
    It turned me on very much and I unloaded the condom.
    Conclusion; the girl from my point of view and surely other colleagues also agree with me is a 9 to 10.
    She is very communicative and asks you every time, if it is possible and if you are ok like this, etc.
    I noticed that she knows how to have a discussion with a client, she has professional experience behind her and it showed.

    Hygiene: Worth a 10, nothing to discuss…immaculate, for one that do not give oral to escorts, I can tell you with the hand on my heart that I would have stuck my nose in, a little.

    Appearance: I give her 9, it’s the one in the pictures, it looks nice and clean, etc. (why 9? well, my dick will give 10, but I think I’ll give a 10 only to my wife, who she will be, I don’t know, I’ll see in a few years)

    Oral: 9 perfect, a lot of attention was given to me at oO, there were deep attempts, why not a 10?
    Well sorry, but grade 10 goes to another escort I met in London :D, but this is another story…

    Normal sex: This was a 10 my friend, she has a perfect body, you’ll say I’m exaggerating, but on the 2nd number I said I could last at least 20 minutes…unfortunately, I lasted about 10-15.
    From all the positions I put it on, it molds perfectly to my penis + that porn look she has, I think if I had a quarter of a testicle, I would still ejaculate half a liter :))).
    I’m thinking next time when I see her and it will be more than sure, I’ll take more hours and 2-3-4 numbers I hope, and go naked to see how long I can last, but even then I don’t think I’ll last more than 20 minutes, hahaha, that’s it, everyone has their own preferences.
    I liked her body, that crazy look, it was perfect.

    Payment: It was cash for 3 hours, 500 euros, plus the extra service, extra price, and the payment that she asked me not to mention.
    Until next time I`ll come to the greatest old Europe.
    Cheers to you, pussy addicts like me.

    Beste babe in Amsterdam

    By: Marcel | 8 months ago

    Greetings, gentlemen.
    My choices when it comes to companions often hinge on their visual appeal in photographs, followed closely by the testimonials shared by others.
    When my eyes first met escort Valentina’s images, I was certain that she was divine artistry, an exquisite manifestation of the creator’s craftsmanship. Following a thorough perusal of the sterling reviews left by my fellow connoisseurs, I made contact with Divas agency – a choice I haven’t regretted since.
    This establishment stands out as one of the most respectful and transparent agencies I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, a rarity in this business that maintains an honest representation of their ladies and refrains from the use of counterfeit images.
    As for my encounter with Valentina, she exceeded all expectations, ascending rapidly to be one of the finest selections I’ve made in years.
    This escort babe exudes an innate sophistication rarely encountered, her luminous smile radiating warmth, and her serene gaze coupled with a tranquil voice put me at ease instantly.
    Her photographs are undoubtedly authentic, although in person, with less makeup, she carries a youthful air about her.
    Our time together was passionately erotic, with Valentina effortlessly transitioning from the tender intimacy of a ‘GFE mode’ to an unabashed ‘lustful sex mode’.
    The intensity of her engagement was profoundly gratifying.
    I endorse Valentina with all my heart and anticipate your shared enjoyment.

    Great services!

    By: Kristoffer | 7 months ago

    During my recent business trip to Amsterdam, I was charmed by the vibrant city and decided to indulge in an experience with an escort named Valentine from Divas Agency.
    We arranged to meet at the lavish Waldorf Astoria Hotel, deep into the night.
    She made her appearance right on schedule, subtly blending into the hotel environment ensuring complete confidentiality.
    Our encounter kicked off with intense passion, where Valentine displayed her versatile sex skills and complete dedication.
    We embarked on a journey of sensual sex pleasure, starting with a deeply satisfying intimate connection that was followed by a calming, yet tantalizing erotic massage.
    To round off the night, Valentine performed a sublime oral sex session, her expertise evident in every move.
    The night spent with Valentine added a layer of exquisite indulgence to my stay in Amsterdam.
    Her services struck a perfect balance between professional and sensual, leaving me with lingering memories of an unforgettable encounter.