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Oana Diva escort girl in Amsterdam

If you love blonde girls from Eastern Europe, then we have the perfect escort girl for you. We are indeed very proud to have in our escort directory a beautiful blonde girl from Hungary, the beautiful Amsterdam sexy escort Oana!

Amsterdam Escort Oana

Oana is a beautiful Hungarian girl with a strong talent for sex. She loves having fun, living a life of luxury, wearing sexy clothes, eating in luxurious restaurants, and receiving lots of gifts. Oana is a real queen and wants to live with the adoration of many customers and have fun every day. This lifestyle is perfect for becoming an Amsterdam sexy escort, and in fact, Oana has already become extremely popular among all our customers, who always ask to be able to spend time with her and to be able to have an extra service, such as her great footjob with high heels. We can assure you that you will never find anything like this because Oana is the only girl who can do these things thanks to her unique talent in sex.
Choose to live an evening with a real Queen. This sexy blonde escort Amsterdam is ready to be the Queen of your night and to give you so much pleasure.
If you love blonde girls, then you’ve found your new favorite girl, the beautiful Oana. Don’t waste any more time and contact her immediately, she will come to give you all the pleasure you need!


The beautiful Oana loves to spend pleasant evenings with her clients in luxurious restaurants for this service. Currently, the restaurant she adores is the “Daalder” in Amsterdam. Immediately book the table for this service and tell Oana your requests for the outfit, and we can assure you that she will be beautiful and sensual, adding a touch of creative eroticisms, such as not wearing panties under the dress, or teasing yourself with feet under the table.
With a girl like Oana, it will be challenging for you not to get very excited while eating, and this will be an enjoyable experience too.


The Queen always wants to visit Amsterdam, and what better place than the Royal Palace for a visit together with the beautiful Oana? Visit every part of the city with this gorgeous blonde woman, and experience the thrill of spending a day in the town with a sexy Amsterdam escort just for you! She is the Queen, and you will become the King!


Every client is always entranced by the sex he has with the beautiful Amsterdam sexy escort Oana. She has an enormous bag of tricks and lots of extra services that you can offer everyone if you can book a room in the CityGarden Amsterdam hotel, your favorite hotel. Oana will turn your night into a real marathon of sex, satisfying your every perversion and desire in a perfect way. Don’t miss the chance to live this wonderful experience and choose to have sex in the hotel with Oana. This service is worth every penny, and you won’t be able to live without it.
Oana only has sex with a condom.
If you liked the time spent in the company of Oana, her wish is to leave a review! Thank you!

WhatsApp +31651064278
Oana Call Girl

11 reviews for “Oana

Overall Rating: 5
    Nice escort meeting!

    By: John | 1 year ago

    I had a business trip to Amsterdam for a few days, and although I was exhausted and had not so much time, I booked an escort for 3 hours. The agency recommended Oana, a classy woman, exactly what I was looking for. Oana came to my hotel room and was with me then at the business dinner we had already scheduled. Oana is a perfect escort if you are looking for a girlfriend experience service, being a woman who knows how to make your night warmer. Next time!

    Thank you!

    By: Jordy M. | 1 year ago

    Hi guys, I meet Oana three days ago when I went to Amsterdam, and she is one of the most pretty and charming escort girls I was. Oana is a fabulous woman best girl you can have, and I can guarantee she knows how to bring you very quickly to a high level of pleasure. If you want the best moments with her, you need to be a good gentleman. She is a wonderful lady and a real girlfriend. Thank you Oana, I hope to see you again next time. Cheers!

    Best nuru massage!

    By: Dmitri | 1 year ago

    I spent two fantastic hours with Oana. Best erotic massage and great happy ending sex. Oana deserves all the beautiful words, and even more, she knows her stuff a real professional escort, best one of many more I ever was. I will call for a meeting with her soon. Thank you!

    Gorgeous girl and good manners!

    By: Anton | 1 year ago

    Hello friends! This girl is amazing, and I had the opportunity to meet her last week in Amsterdam. I spent two hours with her, and I think she is one of the most beautiful women I ever met in my life. She is much more attractive compared to the pictures of the profile. She is a lovely person in reality, and she has good manners, she is sociable, and she knows how to be a unique woman in bed. Everything has been excellent!

    Nice golden hair girl!

    By: Nick | 12 months ago

    Oana is a gorgeous blonde girl, and she is unforgettable! She is adorable, has a perfect body, from the first moment she showed a friendly smile, firm breasts perfect boobs, and of course hot wet pussy. I will never forget this babe soon! I hope to meet her when coming back to Amsterdam! Thanks, Diana for your recommendation!

    Sweet babe Oana

    By: Domenico | 11 months ago

    I am a very shy guy and I am not very sociable and I get in more difficult contact with people I do not know, but with Oana there was something else, when she came to the door, her smile and the positive energy she transmitted to me They made me feel like I’ve known her for a lifetime. She is not the first escort I call for sexual services, but Oana is by far the best escort, a dream woman that made me feel amazing. It was so natural that it convinced me to extend our meeting with another 3 hours :). Oana offered me the most sensitive GFE I’ve ever experienced, and oral sex without a condom was wow, full of passion and desire. Oana is crazy but at the same time a sweet woman! Oana is the first escort I can say I love!

    Amazing girl Oana

    By: Jean Paul | 10 months ago

    I had an amazing time with Oana. I met her near the Oosterpark Amsterdam for a little chat and walk before going back to my place. She had a very pleasant smell that I can remember perfectly even today. When we got to my place we took a long and sexy shower together. After that, we got to action. I started kissing her pussy and it had a very nice scent of perfume. That excited me a lot so I finished very fast in the first round ( never had that happen to me). Then we had a great talk … I was surprised that a girl can know so much about life, she offered me also to have a massage and she asked me what kind of massage I want. In the beginning, I did not understand but she showed me … she started with a normal and very good massage then she continued with an erotic one … she kissed my back and she massaged me with her soft breast and even with her pussy it felt super. The moments I spent with her are the moment I will remember and because is not that often a girl treats me like that I will come back to her if I will have time until she goes back. ps: I will remember you forever love!!!

    Great service!

    By: Erik | 9 months ago

    As a web application developer, I travel extensively, often to the world’s major cities.
    This constant globetrotting has led me to indulge in the tantalizing services of escorts, my unique form of relaxation after days of intense work.
    Recently, I found myself in Amsterdam, implementing a software solution for a client.
    Two days into this endeavor, the lure of an intimate companionship became irresistible.
    After some research, I chose Oana, a stunning blonde escort who stood out amongst her peers.
    With a mixture of anticipation and curiosity, I arranged for her to come to my hotel room.
    I opted for an erotic massage, a blow job, and French kissing services – a trifecta, I believe, for an unforgettable experience.
    Oana arrived, her beauty exceeding my already high expectations.
    Her professional demeanor immediately put me at ease.
    The erotic massage that followed was nothing short of extraordinary, her hands weaving a spell of relaxation and arousal that set the tone for the evening.
    The blow job she delivered was exemplary – passionate, unhurried, and expertly executed.
    The French kissing that we shared was deeply intimate, adding a layer of emotional connection to our physical experience.
    Oana was a lover, a confidante, and a sensual artist all rolled into one, her services not just satisfying, but truly transcending.
    In the aftermath of our passionate rendezvous, I felt rejuvenated, both physically and emotionally.
    Oana wasn’t just an escort.
    She was a companion, a sensual guide, who transformed an ordinary evening into an unforgettable memory.
    Her services were professional, her passion real, and the sexual experience she provided was indeed top-notch.
    Highly recommended!

    Great girl!

    By: Arthur | 9 months ago

    Discovering Oana has been a game-changer. I recently booked her for a 3-hour session, during which I had a very specific request: a rose-scented shower before anything began.
    This wasn’t to question her cleanliness, but more for my own satisfaction and excitement of watching a woman take a shower.
    Oana was obliging and understanding, performing the act with grace and seductiveness.
    Her Girlfriend Experience was genuinely the best I’ve encountered, full of passion and intimacy that kept me focused on every moment.
    Additionally, the sex from behind was incredibly arousing, an experience that’s etched into my memory.
    Oana’s soft, tender touch ignited my senses and kept me in the moment, ensuring an unforgettable experience.
    A round of applause for Oana, I will surely be back for more!

    A perfect girl!

    By: Banyan | 8 months ago

    Engaging with Oana was the highlight of my life – the epitome of perfection.
    Her beauty surpasses mere physical attractiveness; it was her sweetness, warmth, and affection that truly captivated me.
    I experienced an unprecedented level of love, making me want to savor each moment with her.
    Oana is a woman of impeccable physique, akin to an artistic statue, or more fittingly, a top model.
    Her physical allure is matched by her ability to deliver an unparalleled level of pleasure, making every second spent with her a dream come true.
    She was not only the best experience but also the best dream, one that I yearn to relive time and time again.

    Wonder Woman of Sex

    By: Christian | 7 months ago

    Oana is an absolute dynamite! Her body is a work of art – natural breasts that rival the beauty of Venus, a pussy as delectable as forbidden fruit, and an ass that’s sculpted to perfection.
    Her kisses?
    Wild, fiery, passionate – a taste of the untamed.
    She gives her head as if she’s the leading star in an erotic universe, ensuring that each moment is nothing short of pure ecstasy.
    And her lovemaking sex skills, akin to Wonder Woman of sex, are equally mesmerizing, making you feel as if you’re on cloud nine.
    With Oana, every encounter is an explosion of delight.
    I cannot wait to bask again in her enchanting allure.
    I will undoubtedly be back for more.