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Martyna is an escort woman who loves luxury and quality of life.
If you are a self-respecting man, you don’t have to look any further, because you have found the top escort you need.
In Martyna’s company, all you have to do is let her sensuality seduce you, to make an erotic journey into unknown hidden pleasures.
Martyna is an escort who knows how to make you enjoy all the hot and delicious fantasies that a beautiful woman has to offer.
The beautiful Martyna is a girl with almond-shaped eyes and a devilish smile, and her face reveals an impatience full of hidden desires.
An escort girl hot, charming, naughty, and polite at the same time, full of energy: who knows how to inject the state of “joie de vivre”. Martyna is a professional escort girl, who knows that the dialogue in the room must be full of jokes to make you relaxed, approaching discussions that lead to the most hidden erotic fantasies, to put into practice the deepest sexual desires.
Martyna has a high appetite for kinky, is a playful escort girl, and if you want a passionate date, she is the girl you are looking for.
For Martyna, privacy and discretion are paramount, so your privacy is 100% respected.
If you are a respectful gentleman who wants a sensual and passionate experience from his mistress, Martyna is the companion and muse for the perfect date in the Netherlands.
Contact us for an unforgettable date in the company of Escort Martyna, one of the most coveted escorts in Amsterdam.
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Martyna Call Girl

7 reviews for “Martyna

Overall Rating: 5
    Die port van cleve escort

    By: Henry | 2 years ago

    Hello comrades.
    I highly recommend Martina’s services if you are looking for a gentle girl.
    I had the pleasure of being in her company last week after I made a reservation for 3 hours.
    She came to my hotel room after which we went out to dinner because I’m a more shy guy and it’s harder to get into human connections face to face, to socialize and I can’t have sex in a few minutes with someone I don’t know.
    Martina was patient with me and the girlfriend experience service was perhaps one of the most enjoyable moments.
    I don’t know if I will be back in Amsterdam soon, but I will definitely want to see her again when I do.
    I wish you maximum pleasure.

    Best gfe

    By: Garry Henderson | 2 years ago

    I was in a business trip in Amsterdam. I was staying at the beautiful Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam and i was getting tired of all the meetings and bullshit. I had a free evening and i thought this is the perfect moment to have some fun and enjoy the city. So i booked a 3 hour session with Martyna.
    I always was intrigued by mysterious and sexy girs, and she was one of them. She came dorectly to my hotel room and we went for a nice walk around the hotel. Aftert that we had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. She is a very intelligent babe and I loved the fact that we had meaningful conversations. After that we went back to the room and rock and rolled the bedsheets.
    She is beautiful, intelligent, charming and se fucks like a pornstar. That was the best GFE of my life and i might book her again before I leave the city.

    Charming and smart escort girl!

    By: Peter M. | 2 years ago

    Martyna was more than a charming, beautiful, and very nice girl.
    It was the first time when I enjoyed a high intellect from an escort and I enjoyed a very good conversation before and after our intercourse.
    She has very warm energy, which made me feel infected by her positive vibes.
    Her body is like a velvety sponge full of foam, which washes away any accumulated tension.
    I noticed that she likes to touch the person in whose company she is, but also to be touched, at least that’s how it was in my case.
    All I can say is that in the 4 hours we spent together, in the city but also in the room, we had a wonderful time.
    I can’t wait to see her again when I return on October 11 to the BTC conference in Amsterdam.
    Thank you Martyna, thank you, guys!

    Best love and fuck all in one experience!!!

    By: Foreman Whore | 1 year ago

    Hello fellows,
    I am passing through Amsterdam and I come quite often.
    The coincidence meant that Martyna’s escort profile was discovered today.
    Her appearance, body, and her look were my weaknesses, and make me want to try her.
    I called the agency, we decided that in 45 minutes they would come to my AIRBNB apartment where I was staying.
    She arrived relatively quickly in front of the door of the apartment, where Martyna greeted me smiling, dressed in a sexy costume.
    Being a guy who doesn’t like the rush, I’ve been to a Cigarette/talk before starting the job.
    She’s this sexy, intelligent, and very nice young lady.
    My first impression is that she knew how to make herself pleasant around me, and I definitely had something to discuss with her on different topics.
    When I felt that I was getting hot, I went into action, opting for a finish, and I was even amazed by the fact that this young lady comes with an à la carte menu, which I cannot ignore.
    Apart from anal service, I can say that I tried everything it was possible, especially because I was not pressed for time at all and the agency accepted my payments in BTC :).
    It was a top experience and surely those who come to it agree with me, there’s no other way.
    Like I said no kissing and other tongue experiences as it’s not my type.
    But overall I can say that it was a very pleasant experience for a young escort who says she is new in this field.
    For me it is clear, Martyna is an escort girl that I will call back, considering that she fits my taste.
    Good luck “making love” to all sex makers, and good luck with the best clients for you Martyna 😘

    An Enchanting Encounter with Martyna

    By: Frederik | 10 months ago

    Martyna is an enchanting babe brimming with sensuality, her allure is impossible to resist.
    Her deep understanding of desire and her ability to satisfy is awe-inspiring.
    She engages with thoughtful patience, making our encounter feel unrushed and savored to the fullest.
    Being with Martyna was a journey of tantalizing pleasure, and the memory of it lingers, stoking a profound yearning for our next rendezvous.
    There is no question that she deserves a resounding five-star rating, her prowess in captivating a man’s heart is unmatched.
    I am certainly looking forward to the next time I’m in Amsterdam, as there is no doubt in my mind that I will be booking another rendezvous with Martyna.
    The anticipation is already building.
    Thank you again, for creating this wonderful connection.

    Best FK ever!

    By: admin | 9 months ago

    How can I express my experience in words that haven’t been echoed before?
    Martyna graced the WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam at 19:00 for a two-hour appointment.
    I secured her enchanting company for a full two hours, opting for the Girlfriend Experience and French Kissing services.
    Every moment, every interaction with her was transcendent, elevating the experience to unparalleled heights.
    Martyna is a sublime mixture of tenderness, wild passion, initiative, and bold exploration.
    Converse with her in English was smooth and her sparkling wit truly captivated me.
    The two delightful hours with her seemed to slip away far too quickly, certainly a testament to her enchanting company.
    In our future appointment, I plan on securing more time with this delightful babe.

    A babe of sensations!

    By: Filip | 9 months ago

    Ah, Amsterdam! The city of canals, tulips, and Martyna.
    Who’s Martyna, you ask?
    Picture this: A tantalizing escort who treats her job like a hungry lioness treats a juicy steak.
    Martyna is that lioness, and believe me, she knows how to serve up an unforgettable experience!
    The booking process was smooth as a Dutch pancake via the Divas agency, and soon I was waiting in my room at the playful Volkshotel, tingling with anticipation.
    Martyna sashayed into my hotel room with the energy of a Rockstar entering a sold-out concert, her hair bouncing like a golden wave.
    She was hotter than a ghost pepper wearing a sauna suit, and her eyes?
    They had a naughty glint that could even make a monk blush!
    Now, let’s talk about the grand pièce de résistance – Martyna’s prowess in oral pleasure.
    The woman has a talent for it that would put vacuum cleaners to shame!
    The way she maintained eye contact while going down is something that even Hollywood can’t replicate.
    It was like she was hypnotizing me with her gaze while doing a disappearing act that Houdini would be proud of.
    Every second with Martyna was like a rollercoaster ride.
    Her mouth was an amusement park, and I had a lifetime pass! She relished each moment like a kid in a candy store, and her dedication to her craft was a beautiful symphony of desire and pleasure.
    But it’s not all just about the physical.
    Martyna’s wicked sense of humor and unapologetic naughtiness added a touch of magic to our rendezvous.
    Her laugh was infectious, and her jokes were surprisingly good – she’s got some serious comedic chops!
    In a city filled with hidden treasures, Martyna is the ultimate find.
    She’s as unique and delightful as a sunflower in a field of tulips, and her erotic talents are the cherry on the proverbial Dutch pancake.
    An encounter with her is a wild ride filled with laughter, passion, and unforgettable moments.
    Martyna isn’t just an escort; she’s a sensation!