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Anusha is a very beautiful girl with a sexy, provocative, and a little mischievous smile, as much as to incite.
A hot girl with soft and sweet lips and fascinating eyes that manage to penetrate you and make you want her instantly.
Escort Anusha is a girl with velvety and smooth skin with feminine shapes, firm breasts, great firm bottom, and super cute and chic behavior.
When you meet Anusha, you discover a true partner with sensual skills and qualities like no other.
An open-minded and very playful woman, always ready to satisfy any sexual desire.
Anusha escort is definitely the girl of your dreams ready for the most perverse sex games.
Every man has his own personal needs and hidden desires, and Anusha escort is here to satisfy you.
For Divas Escort Agency, discretion is one of the highest priorities, and Anusha is ready to offer that, and the time spent together will be confidential forever.
You don’t have to wait for the next time, but the time is now and you can book her for a meeting the best brunette escort you can have here!
Call for her now and meet Escort Anusha for your best and hot time tonight.
WhatsApp +31651064278
Anusha Call Girl

5 reviews for “Anusha

Overall Rating: 5
    Goddes of erotic massage

    By: Stefan J | 2 years ago

    I was feeling very stressed as I had a lot going on at my job. Everyone was putting pressure on my shoulders. I am not that type of person who can just make a tea and instantly relax. I am an action guy, I need action and thrill to get away from stress. This is why i chose to book Anusha for a hot erotic massage and some well-needed sex.
    She came directly to my home and did a very good first impression. She was looking clean and stunning. We spoke about my job and how stressed i was. It felt good to have someone to listen to me. She brought everything we needed condoms, lubricants, and special masaage oils. She is a goddes of erotic massage and sex and i am thankful to her for helping me not having a burnout from work. I might start using her services more often.

    Great service with a best GFE extraservice!

    By: Andrew | 2 years ago

    Hello, I also made a booking with Anusha yesterday, and for me, she was sensational, with her girlfriend experience service 100% real.
    Anusha is very communicative, she is a stylish escort girl who does not rush you.
    She stayed for an hour without a few minutes in my hotel room.
    She respected the program and of course, respecting the customer.
    I definitely recommend Anusha!

    Best balls suching

    By: admin | 1 year ago

    Hello, I made another reservation yesterday with Anusha after a few weeks, mainly because I was thinking about her movements.
    She arrived relatively quickly after I confirmed with the agency through a message on WhatsApp, already having me on the phone as a customer.
    I took a shower first and then directly in bed with her for a round of oral sex with great care while she sucked my balls.
    On the active sex side, we started with her on top, both acting in our relaxed way.
    I changed the position twice and finally, it went to oral again with a lot of attention to the eggs, because that’s how I like to be softer.
    I somewhat attracted her attention in this regard and finished it in her mouth, of course extra paid fantasy.
    We had a small talk and a glass of water left 550 euros for three hours and for the extra services, she asked me to let, this be a deal between us, and said goodbye, my dear.
    Recommended yes, definitely yes, yes, yes.
    All the best!

    Beste brunette for me

    By: Christian | 11 months ago

    Cheers guys, I am Christian.
    It’s my first comment on an escort platform.
    I wanted to write for you as Anusha with just one encounter, she completely redefined perfection for me – she’s nothing short of a divine super girl!
    Her radiant beauty and enchanting presence created an experience so sublime, it’s etched forever in my memory.
    Anusha with her magnetism is simply irresistible, leaving me yearning for our next meeting.
    I will seize the first chance to meet her again and relive the magic we once shared.
    Many thanks to the staff also, who recommended her!
    Thank you!

    Best brunette in Amsterdam

    By: Craig | 11 months ago

    Amsterdam had been a whirlwind of excitement and exploration, but it was Anusha who truly made my stay unforgettable.
    As she knocked on the door of my hotel room, my heart raced with anticipation, but nothing could have prepared me for the vision that greeted me.
    Anusha was a sultry brunette with eyes that sparkled with mischief and a smile that was equally captivating.
    She was far more than I had imagined – a strikingly beautiful woman, radiating a potent mix of sensuality and charm that was impossible to resist.
    Our chemistry was immediate and electrifying.
    Anusha, with her playful banter and flirtatious demeanor, made me feel at ease.
    It was far from the clinical escort experience one might expect; rather, it felt like a flirtatious rendezvous with a long-time lover.
    As the evening unfolded, Anusha’s true seductive talents came to light.
    Her gentle touch sent waves of pleasure coursing through me.
    She moved with the grace and confidence of a woman who knew how to satisfy a man’s deepest desires.
    We explored a kaleidoscope of positions, each one more pleasurable than the last, leaving me utterly spent and profoundly satisfied.
    Anusha was more than just an escort; she was a gifted courtesan, a sensual companion who was eager to push the boundaries of pleasure.
    Her willingness to cater to my every fantasy and her ability to turn those fantasies into reality was nothing short of miraculous.
    As I left the hotel room that night, a broad smile plastered on my face, I knew that those hours spent with Anusha would remain etched in my memory.
    The lust, the connection, the pure unadulterated joy of it all was more than I had dared to hope for.
    And the best part?
    Knowing that whenever I returned to Amsterdam, Anusha, the sultry brunette who was every bit as sexy as she was charming, would be there, ready to transport me back to that world of intoxicating pleasure.